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Gear Replacement Parts

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Tonfly Video Camera Box

Made in carbon fiber composit. It's light and protects your video camera from hits and scratches.  ..

104.06€ Ex Tax: 86.00€

Tonfly Video Camera bracket

This bracket is made to mount a video camera on the side of a CC1 helmet or on top, depending on the..

70.49€ Ex Tax: 58.26€

Tonfly Video Camera Condom

Light and low profile, the comdom protects your video camera from umidity, wind, dust, small hits an..

33.00€ Ex Tax: 27.27€


The safer, more secure way to mount your GoPro HD HERO onto your curved-top helmet. A snag-resistant..

62.92€ Ex Tax: 52.00€

GoPro Safety mount - Flat (Tonfly)

The safer, more secure way to mount your GoPro HD HERO onto your flat-top helmet. A snag-resistant m..

62.92€ Ex Tax: 52.00€

Tonfly Gopro Mount

It is a low profile mount to attach your GoPro videocamera on front of your helmet. Designed to be ..

43.56€ Ex Tax: 36.00€

Tonfly Insert link

Is the insert male link that is connected to the female ring of the Converter Mount. It comes wit..

33.88€ Ex Tax: 28.00€

Tonfly Pro mount

he TF PRO MOUNT is the newest and most technologically attachment that can be integrated into Helmet..

108.00€ Ex Tax: 89.26€

UPT Sigma main closing loop

Replacement UPT Sigma/Micro Sigma Main Loop.   This unique main closing loop is manufactured b..

15.00€ Ex Tax: 12.40€

Icarus SLink main

Main canopy soft links made by Icarus Canopies. This set of Slinks are made for main canopies.  ..

29.04€ Ex Tax: 24.00€

PD slink main

Main canopy soft links made by Performance Designs. This set of Slinks are made for main canopies. S..

42.35€ Ex Tax: 35.00€

Icarus SLink reserve

Icarus Canopies reserve Slinks (4pcs set) ..

35.09€ Ex Tax: 29.00€

Fuel top plate camera mounts / roller

Cookie Fuel Top Plate Camera Mounts. These top plates are specifically manufactured for the Cooki..

0.01€ Ex Tax: 0.01€

Protrack / Prodytter 2xbatteries CR2330

Batteries for ProTrack, ProDytter  (set - 2pcs) ..

8.00€ Ex Tax: 6.61€