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Icarus Canopies

Icarus Canopies
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The Crossfire. Our identity. A truly unique design. Now completely redone in the new Crossfire 3. Th..
2,662.00€ 2,472.03€
Ex Tax: 2,043.00€
The Safire 3 is the result of five years of research, development and refinement. She is the most mo..
2,410.50€ 2,249.39€
Ex Tax: 1,859.00€
Equinox: The Entry to Flight. Recognizing the learning issues canopy students face when they star..
Ex Tax: 1,719.00€
The NEOS is the latest ZP 9-cell high performance canopy from Icarus. The unique design combines cro..
Ex Tax: 2,195.00€
For the past 15 years our Safire 2 has been one of the all around best canopies of its c..
Ex Tax: 1,877.00€
The Crossfire 2 has set the standard for high performance elliptical 9 cell canopie..
Ex Tax: 2,060.00€
Icarus NANO Reserve: High Tech, Low Volume, Dependable Durability. The ICARUS NANO Reserve has re..
1,766.60€ 1,617.77€
Ex Tax: 1,337.00€
Icarus Reserve Canopy: Your Last Line of Defense. ICARUS Canopies has gone again ONE STEP AHEAD a..
1,418.12€ 1,298.33€
Ex Tax: 1,073.00€
  Leia is not a canopy built to the standards of a mere workhorse, but to the impossibly hig..
Ex Tax: 2,960.00€
he JFX is a 21-cell Elliptical ZP Crossbraced canopy. Unlike the JVX, which has been shaped for wick..
Ex Tax: 2,504.13€
The JVX is a 27-cell elliptical cross braced Tri-cell with upgrades like a new nose modification, im..
Ex Tax: 2,603.31€
    The ICARUS Omega is a 7-cell, lightly elliptical, zero por..
2,129.72€ 1,969.88€
Ex Tax: 1,628.00€
Icarus Omni: Nothing Else But Fun. ICARUS Omni, the ultimate 7-cell tapered canopy. This all purp..
Ex Tax: 1,822.00€
These linesets are built in the Icarus Support Center by factory trained technicians to original fac..
Ex Tax: 200.00€
RDS (Removable Deployement System) Slider manufactured by NZ Aerosports for the FX, VX, JFX, JVX and..
Ex Tax: 353.00€
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