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Cookie G4 skydiving helmet (Free packing tool & shipping!*)

All Cookie G4 helmet orders are applicable for a FREE SHIPPING*!

* Applies only within EU (with an exception of Cyprus and Malta).


The internal liner system for the G4 is more conducive to traditional helmets and sizing does vary from the G3.

  • XSmall: 53-54cm or 20 1/2"-21 1/4"
  • Small: 55-56cm or 21 1/2"-22"
  • Medium: 56-57cm or 22"-22 1/2"
  • Large: 57-58cm or 22 1/2"-22 3/4"
  • XLarge: 59-60cm or 23 1/4"-23 1/2"
  • XXLarge: 61-62cm or 24"-24 1/2"


  • Lower rear head protection
  • CE XPS72600 Certification for Skydiving and WindTunnel
  • Same superior viewing area and a larger choice of visor options
  • Easy to insert audible pockets
  • Same visor operation
  • No maintenance visor mechanism
  • Better sealing in all areas for better fit and noise reduction
  • Tuneable ventilation switches for cooling and fog reduction
  • Field replaceable liner


  • Certified to XP S 72-600
  • Better internal design for a better fit
  • Easier fitting of audible altimeters
  • The back offers more coverage for protection
  • More protection around the temple area as the visor mechanism is also thinner
  • The mechanism is similar in operation but designed to offer no maintenance
  • A lot quieter as it seals better in all areas and the exterior shape is sleek and smooth by design
  • No glue holding the chin curtain in place
  • Cooler due to the ventilation design
  • Ventilation control can be adjusted by the user
  • One visor fits all G4 helmets sizes


The adjustment of the neck skirt is the same as the G3, although the adjustment end is located in an easier place to facilitate this.


The internal EPP foam has been styled to create channels within the helmet to provide ventilation. The top padding also has breathable material to allow the hot air to be drawn into these channels.

The chin bar actuators can control the airflow to your mouth area as well as direct to the inner surface of the visor.

Two rear ventilation ports allow the evacuation of this hot air from within the helmet.


One visor fits all the G4 helmet sizes. Visors have an anti-fog inside and anti-scratch outside. Cookie offers a tinted, blue mirrored and orange mirrored visor options. G4 visor is tested for its optical qualities, and as such it has been certified and carries a CE mark.

The visor is very simple to remove. Undo the two side plates screws on both side of the visor. Remove these plates and slide the visor forward. Tinted and mirrored visors are certified to Category 2 against ISO 12312-1:2013.

You can purchase Cookie G4 visor here: Cookie G4 Visor


This essential piece of gear is specifically designed to carry a helmet, jumpsuit, water bottle, wallet and car keys. The Flight Bag dimensions are 480mm x 260mm x 260mm. It has a velour lining and carry handle.

You can purchase Cookie Flight Bag here: Cookie Flight Bag


The G4 Helmet is certified to a Skydiving and Wind Tunnel Helmet Standard. To achieve this standard, helmets must pass Impact and Snag Resistance testing. While G3 Roller mount base is a good fit against the top surface of the G4, it was not tested according to the XP S 72-600 Standard. Cookie believes that having a Roller Mount fitted to the G4 helmet would forgo the Snag Test in this standard. It is up to the user to decide whether to mount a camera to our G4 helmet knowing that by doing so, it could affect the way the helmet performs when tested to the XP S 72-600 Standard.

You can purchase Cookie Roller Mount here: Cookie Roller Mount


You can accessorize your G4 helmet with many of side plate colour.

You can purchase Cookie G4 Side Plates here: Cookie G4 Side Plates

Cookie G4 skydiving helmet (Free packing tool & shipping!*)

Special Shipping Prices

All orders worth 600€ or more get 50% off UPS Standard shipping price. Apllicable only within EU (except Malta & Cyprus).


All orders that cost 100€ or more are insured by default.


If no shipping options are availabe for your destination, please contact us.

Helmet sizing info

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  • 476.00€
  • 459.00€
  • Ex Tax: 379.34€

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