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Gear packages

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UPT Vector Package

UPT Vector Package includes: ▪   UPT Vector container ▪   Main Canopy  ..

6,098.40€ Ex Tax: 5,040.00€

Javelin Odyssey Package

    Package:  JAvelin Odyssey container, Main canopy, Reserve canopy, AAD.     ..

6,596.92€ Ex Tax: 5,452.00€

Aerodyne Icon V package

FREEFLY CENTRICThe new Icon ‘V’ is our elite container system. Now you can have security, durability..

7,083.34€ Ex Tax: 5,854.00€

Aerodyne Icon A package

Compare the Icon A with any other rig on the market and you will recognize the extreme high value fo..

6,648.95€ Ex Tax: 5,495.00€

Infinity Package

Package:  Infinity container, Main canopy, Reserve canopy,  AAD.   The Infinity™ harness/conta..

6,534.00€ Ex Tax: 5,400.00€

Mirage G4 Package

Cutting-edge Alien TechnologyFabricsQuality definitely matters.Materials suitable for a li..

6,206.09€ Ex Tax: 5,129.00€

Vortex Jump Ready Bundle (main+container+reserve)

  Package:  Vortex container (135-210), Parachute Systems Main canopy (Volt, Ventus or ..

4,734.73€ Ex Tax: 3,913.00€

Vortex Package

  Package:  Vortex container, Main canopy, Reserve canopy, AAD. VORTEX container by Parachute ..

5,955.62€ Ex Tax: 4,922.00€

Wings Package

Package:  Wings container, Main canopy, Reserve canopy, AAD.   Wings rigs comes comp..

5,838.25€ Ex Tax: 4,825.00€

Voodoo Curv 2.0 Package

Package:  Curv2.0 container, Main canopy, Reserve Canopy, AAD     To place an order for a V..

7,027.68€ Ex Tax: 5,808.00€

Javelin Aurora Wingsuit skydiving container package

JAVELIN AURORA - OVERVIEWThe Aurora Wing Suit Container is the culmination of a two-year project tha..

7,253.95€ Ex Tax: 5,995.00€

UPT Sigma Tandem package

UPT Sigma Gear Package includes: ▪   Base price of UPT Sigma harness/container ▪&nbs..

11,918.50€ Ex Tax: 9,850.00€