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Gear Replacement Parts

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Replacement Liner for Cookie FUEL

Replacement Liner for the Cookie FUEL.   XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL   ..

90.75€ Ex Tax: 75.00€

Replacement Springs for G2/G3 Helmet

The Spring Kit supplies the items you require to change the visor locking springs on your G3 helmet...

17.00€ Ex Tax: 14.05€

Reserve Pilot Chute

Sun Path's unique reserve pilot chute design, allows for a quick reserve deployment as the pilot chu..

179.08€ Ex Tax: 148.00€

Semi Stowless Main Deployment bag

SEMI STOWLESS D-BAGNo bungees or bands are required other than at the mouth lock, which provides les..

116.16€ Ex Tax: 96.00€

Sigma Detachable Drogue Bridle

Replacement Detachable Drogue Bridle for the Sigma and Micro Sigma tandem systems. This Detachabl..

162.14€ Ex Tax: 134.00€

Sigma Drogue Handle

Replacement Drogue Handle with hardware for the Sigma and Micro Sigma tandem systems.   Includ..

17.55€ Ex Tax: 14.50€

Stainless Steel Reserve Ripcord

Sun Path Products prides it's self in the quality assurance that goes well beyond the testing requir..

104.06€ Ex Tax: 86.00€

Sun Path hook knife with pouch

enter pouch and binding tape colors...

31.46€ Ex Tax: 26.00€

Sunrise Wings Reserve Freebag/Bridle

Wings Reserve Freebag/Bridle.   Replacement reserve freebag & bridle for Wings containers. Thi..

119.79€ Ex Tax: 99.00€

Swooper belly band

This provides additional security to the pilot if he or she chooses to remove the chest strap. ..

96.80€ Ex Tax: 80.00€

Tonfly Cutaway Chinstrap

This Tonfly Cutaway Chinstrap can be used with existing Tonfly Ratchet Straps as a replacement Chins..

61.71€ Ex Tax: 51.00€

Tonfly Photo Camera Base Plate

It holds your photo camera in place with no twisting problems and keeps your lens secure.   Wi..

50.49€ Ex Tax: 41.73€

Type 17 Risers - Standard Dive Loops

Featuring Teflon inserts in the housing for the excess cutaway cable prevent a line twist malfunctio..

240.79€ Ex Tax: 199.00€