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Gear Replacement Parts

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Tonfly Cutaway Chinstrap

This Tonfly Cutaway Chinstrap can be used with existing Tonfly Ratchet Straps as a replacement Chins..

61.71€ Ex Tax: 51.00€

Tonfly Photo Camera Base Plate

It holds your photo camera in place with no twisting problems and keeps your lens secure.   Wi..

50.49€ Ex Tax: 41.73€

Type 17 Risers - Standard Dive Loops

Featuring Teflon inserts in the housing for the excess cutaway cable prevent a line twist malfunctio..

240.79€ Ex Tax: 199.00€

UPT Main pilotchute ZP centerline

Type: F-111, ZPHandles: Freefly, Monkey Fist, Hackey, PlasticSize: 27", 30", 33"F-111: Due to i..

146.41€ Ex Tax: 121.00€

UPT RSL Red Skyhook Lanyard

This is the red lanyard that connects your RSL Lanyard to your Skyhook.  One size for all UPT spo..

16.94€ Ex Tax: 14.00€

UPT RSL Universal Lanyard Reserve Pin

UPT RSL Universal Lanyard Reserve Pin  This replacement RSL Universal Lanyard with Velcro and Res..

32.67€ Ex Tax: 27.00€

UPT Sigma Detachable Drogue Bridle

Replacement Detachable Drogue Bridle for the Sigma and Micro Sigma tandem systems. This Detachabl..

162.14€ Ex Tax: 134.00€

UPT Sigma Drogue Handle

Replacement Drogue Handle with hardware for the Sigma and Micro Sigma tandem systems.   Includ..

17.55€ Ex Tax: 14.50€

UPT Sigma Recoil Ripcord

Replacement Recoil Ripcord for drogue release on Sigma and Micro Sigma tandem systems. Available ..

41.14€ Ex Tax: 34.00€

UPT Sigma Tandem Disc Cover

Replacement Disc Cover for the Sigma and Micro Sigma tandem systems.     ..

27.23€ Ex Tax: 22.50€