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Special Offers

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The Infinity™ harness/container system was designed with two basic concepts in mind: safety and perf..
2,408.34€ 2,325.62€
Ex Tax: 1,922.00€
Icarus NANO
Icarus NANO Reserve: High Tech, Low Volume, Dependable Durability. The ICARUS NANO Reserve has re..
1,766.60€ 1,617.77€
Ex Tax: 1,337.00€
Icarus reserve
Icarus Reserve Canopy: Your Last Line of Defense. ICARUS Canopies has gone again ONE STEP AHEAD a..
1,418.12€ 1,298.33€
Ex Tax: 1,073.00€
Aerodyne Smart
Aerodyne Smart reserve canopy. The Smart reserve combines more than 30 year of experience in the par..
1,407.23€ 1,329.79€
Ex Tax: 1,099.00€
Aerodyne Smart LPV Reserve Parachute Canopy
Aerodyne Smart LPV Reserve Parachute Canopy. Aerodyne is proud to welcome 2015 with the introduct..
1,597.20€ 1,499.19€
Ex Tax: 1,239.00€
Mars M2 aad multimode (special price)
Basic Information m2 Multi AAD Parameters -         Fi..
1,027.29€ 966.79€
Ex Tax: 799.00€
The new standard in camcorder indication. The HYPEYE D MINI takes the guess work out of the status o..
88.33€ 71.39€
Ex Tax: 59.00€
Icarus Omega
    The ICARUS Omega is a 7-cell, lightly elliptical, zero por..
2,129.72€ 1,969.88€
Ex Tax: 1,628.00€
Javelin Aurora Wingsuit skydiving container
JAVELIN AURORA - OVERVIEW The Aurora Wing Suit Container is the culmination of a two-year p..
3,049.20€ 2,870.12€
Ex Tax: 2,372.00€
Javelin Odyssey
          After more than a year..
2,795.10€ 2,579.72€
Ex Tax: 2,132.00€
Aerodyne Zulu
The ZULU by Aerodyne The ZULU is the totally new high performance, non cross braced, 9 cell canop..
2,407.90€ 2,265.12€
Ex Tax: 1,872.00€
Javelin Legacy Custom Container
Custom Javelin Legacy container. SunPath's Javelin Legacy is the company's answer to skydivers looki..
2,637.80€ 2,374.02€
Ex Tax: 1,962.00€
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