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Altiset Military

Altiset Military
Altiset Military Altiset Military Altiset Military
Brand: Larsen&Brusgard
Product Code: altiset
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The ALTISET Remote Control is an optional accessory. It can be used to adjust the Military ALTITRACK mBar. The ALTISET work based on an IrDA system so that all units that are to be adjusted need to be in line -of-sight as in the cabin of an aircraft.

The ALTISET is a handy tool to change the mBar setting for groups of military jumper. The mBar can be set while in flight or on the ground if the mission takeoff and landing altitudes are different.

ALTISET is a small handheld device that can easily be put into a puch or stored on an aircraft or put into a holster on the belt or gear of the jumpmaster or mission commander.

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