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Military equipment

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Alfa military altimeter

Made in aircraft grade aluminium, Alfa™ is the evolution of digital military visual altimeters. Alfa..

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Echo military audible altimeter

Made in aircraft grade aluminium, Echo™ is a waterproof audible military altimeter. Echo™ takes dura..

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MA-10UD analog military altimeter

The Toughest Analog Altimeter YetCompressed Scale MA-10UDFeet or Metre displayLinear or compressed s..

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MA-10UD Transmitter

MA-10UD TransmitterThe MA-10UD Transmitter updates MA-10UD altimeters with dropzone altitude using a..

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Fairwind Tactical XPS (certified skydiving helmet)

* Special colors and camouflage patterns available upon request, call for details.The Fairwind XPS h..

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MA-12 Storage & Charging Case

Holds Qty 50 MA-12 / Atlas Altimaster Altimeters110-240V auto switching power supplyLED Power-On ind..

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Altiset II Military

The ALTISET Remote Control is an optional accessory. It can be used to adjust the Military ALTITRACK..

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MC1-1C Troop Parachute System

The MC1-1C is a manoeuvrable parachute assembly designed by the United States Army in 1988..

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MC1-1X Troop Parachute System

The MC1 -1X Troop Parachute Assembly is the next generation T-10 and MC1-1 Series for a modern Milit..

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Military Cypres2 AAD

Summary The Military CYPRES 2 family is the next generation of the Military CYPRES line of parach..

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Neptune Tactical MA-12 military altimeter

Neptune Tactical MA-12Small, tough, programmable, rechargeable.Highly accurate electronic mechanism...

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Portable jump light kit

The JPL-401 is a wireless, RFcontrolled portable jump light system designed for use on aircraft not ..

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SLS Cypres2 AAD

Static Line System Cypres2 aad device ..

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T-10 Troop Parachute System

The T-10 Parachute is a series of static line-deployed parachutes used by the United States armed fo..

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T-10R Front Mount Reserve

There is no stopping The T-10R. A reserve parachute of the ages, this Modified Improved Reserve Par..

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