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Military equipment

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Alfa military altimeter

Made in aircraft grade aluminium, Alfa™ is the evolution of digital military visual altimeters. Alfa™ takes durability, superior engineering and accuracy to the troops. Paired with the Echo™ it makes ..

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Echo military audible altimeter

Made in aircraft grade aluminium, Echo™ is a waterproof audible military altimeter. Echo™ takes durability, superior engineering and accuracy to the troops. 3 warning banks, each with 4 warnings, only..

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MA-10UD analog military altimeter

The Toughest Analog Altimeter YetCompressed Scale MA-10UDFeet or Metre displayLinear or compressed scaleLinear Scale MA-10UDFeaturesROBUST stepper motor mechanism0-40,000 FEET dual scale ope..

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MA-10UD Transmitter

MA-10UD TransmitterThe MA-10UD Transmitter updates MA-10UD altimeters with dropzone altitude using a wireless line of sight communication.The MA-10UD Transmitter uses Easily accessible batteries (AA L..

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MA-12 Storage & Charging Case

Holds Qty 50 MA-12 / Atlas Altimaster Altimeters110-240V auto switching power supplyLED Power-On indicatorCharges all 50 units simultaneouslyPelican iM2700 CaseP/N FP-02158 ..

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Parasport Fairwind Tactical XPS (certified skydiving helmet)

* Special colors and camouflage patterns available upon request, call for details.The Fairwind XPS has been tested under the XP S 72-600 specifications for parachuting and indoor flying helmets, and c..

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Altiset II Military

The ALTISET Remote Control is an optional accessory. It can be used to adjust the Military ALTITRACK mBar. The ALTISET work based on an IrDA system so that all units that are to be adjusted need to be..

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MC1-1C Troop Parachute System

The MC1-1C is a manoeuvrable parachute assembly designed by the United States Army in 1988 from the basic MC1-1B canopy. This tried and tested design is used primarily for premeditated jumps..

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MC1-1X Troop Parachute System

The MC1 -1X Troop Parachute Assembly is the next generation T-10 and MC1-1 Series for a modern Military Static Line Troop Parachute System.Aerodyne’s MC1-1X has a significantly reduced oscillation of ..

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Military Cypres2 AAD

Summary The Military CYPRES 2 family is the next generation of the Military CYPRES line of parachute AADs (Automatic Activation Devices), combining tried and true quality, reliability, and core tec..

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Neptune Tactical MA-12 military altimeter

Neptune Tactical MA-12Small, tough, programmable, rechargeable.Highly accurate electronic mechanism.Easily readable backlit digital display.FeaturesUPDATE:​Auto Zero has been reintroduced to the MA-12..

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Portable jump light kit

The JPL-401 is a wireless, RFcontrolled portable jump light system designed for use on aircraft not already equipped with jump lights, or as a back-up for aircraft already equipped. JPL-401 is designe..

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SLS Cypres2 AAD

Static Line System Cypres2 aad device ..

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T-10 Troop Parachute System

The T-10 Parachute is a series of static line-deployed parachutes used by the United States armed forces for combat mass-assault airborne operations and training.Introduced in the early 1950’s with su..

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T-10R Front Mount Reserve

There is no stopping The T-10R. A reserve parachute of the ages, this Modified Improved Reserve Parachute System (MIRPS) includes a standard T-10 reserve parachute canopy assembly, integrated with a ..

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T-10R reserve (42 m²) with ripcord in the center or on the right

  Reserve-Parachute T-10R (Chest Type) NATO-Stock-NO.: 1670-12-024-3591   Purpose : Reserve parachute für paratroopers, Fit for main parachutes T-10, MC 1/1, all series R..

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