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Swoop products

Swoop products
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Peeksteep Spike

We have reinvented the packing tool! :)   If you want to stand out from the crowd this packing tool is exactly for you. Match the color of your style and you will not be guessing which packing t..

17.00€ Ex Tax: 14.05€

L&B Optima2 skydiving audible altimeter

FEATURES Thin, ergonomic, comfortable curved design Durable rubberized coating LCD for easy- and intuitive operation 3 selectable warning altitudes 1st and 2nd warnings: Different pulsat..

229.00€ Ex Tax: 189.26€

L&B Protrack2 skydiving audible altimeter

4 Climb to Altitude warnings. 4 High Speed warnings with settings up to 19990 feet.Can be used for Big Way formations, wing suit setup or other events where four high speed warnings are helpful..

279.00€ Ex Tax: 230.58€

Parasport AloXs Compact Digital Skydiving Altimeter

Perfect companion of the NeoXs 2 Audible Altimeter, the AloXs is its natural twin. Compact and lightweight, it has wide digits for easy reading of the altitude, in freefall and fly..

255.00€ Ex Tax: 210.74€

Parasport NeoXs 2 audible altimeter

The new case makes the NeoXs 2 the smallest audible on the market, and can fit every skydiving headwear without being uncomfortable. It is made of a single piece of strong, injected an..

230.00€ Ex Tax: 190.08€

Alti-2 Atlas Visual Audible Skydiving Altimeter

The Atlas is an electronic altimeter with a graphic digital display which can be used as either an audible or visual instrument. You’ll always have the most up to date Atlas, because we give you t..

385.00€ 359.00€ Ex Tax: 296.69€

Viso / Optima / Solo / Quattro 2x batteries CR2325

Batteries for Optima / Viso/Solo/Oprima2/Viso2/Solo2/Quattro  (set - 2pcs) ..

8.00€ Ex Tax: 6.61€

Neptune / GFX / NeoXs Replacement Battery CR2450

Neptune/GFX/NeoXs Replacement Battery ..

4.50€ Ex Tax: 3.72€

Alti-2 Altimaster III Galaxy Extreme

A member of the Galaxy family, the Altimaster Galaxy Extreme contains the same valued features of the Galaxy, but modified to be WATERPROOF! Note, the lens on the Galaxy Extreme is no..

225.00€ Ex Tax: 185.95€

Elastic keepers

Standard elastic keepers for securing excess leg strap and chest strap material. Available in Black only. Available Sizes: 2" (for legstraps and wide chest straps); 1" (for narrow chest straps). So..

8.00€ Ex Tax: 6.61€

Parasport Weight Belt (without weights)

A simple design, it is made of padded Cordura for an excellent comfort during freefall or indoor flying. The easy to use and 100% affordable closing system, together with the equally distributed weigh..

95.00€ Ex Tax: 78.51€

Parasport weight for belt

Manufactured using strong nylon tubular tape, they contain ½ pound (250 g) of lead shots, making them soft and easily adaptable to weight belts. Price per 1 bag.   ..

9.00€ Ex Tax: 7.44€

PD Main Canopy Slider

PD Main Canopy Slider ..

189.00€ Ex Tax: 156.20€

PD RDS slider

PD RDS Slider - complete ..

459.00€ Ex Tax: 379.34€

Sun Path Type 17 Risers - Easy Grip Dive Loops

These dive loops have a design similar to our easy grip control toggles. Thanks to bungee sewn internally these dive loops remain open and ready to help you steer your parachute to it maximum performa..

300.00€ Ex Tax: 247.93€

Carbondura Leg Pad Covers with Black/Gold Logo

Take care of your new rig while you learn to fly your new main. These Carbondura leg pad covers are cut to fit your rig, and include the SP logo on both sides. ..

93.00€ Ex Tax: 76.86€

Carbondura Leg Pad Covers with Custom Color Logo

Take care of your new rig while you learn to fly your new main. These Carbondura leg pad covers are cut to fit your rig, and include the SP logo on both sides. ..

93.00€ Ex Tax: 76.86€

Magnetic slider keeper

Designed to be an easier way of stowing the slider, clean and simple solution for keeping your slider down.Made to fit on Javelin, Vector, Mirage, Icon, Vortex and Dolphin containers. Does not ..

35.00€ Ex Tax: 28.93€

Optima LED Indicator

The Optima LED Indicator by L&B, This visual indicator is designed to work with the Larsen & Brusgaard Optima audible altimeter as well as the Optima II with Visual Warning Port. Note: All original..

69.00€ Ex Tax: 57.02€

Sun Path Swooper Belly Band

This provides additional security to the pilot if he or she chooses to remove the chest strap. Sun Path products does not recommend the removal of the chest strap on the Javelin series of harness..

98.00€ Ex Tax: 80.99€

Sun Path Type 17 Risers - Standard Dive Loops

Featuring Teflon inserts in the housing for the excess cutaway cable prevent a line twist malfunction from becoming more difficult to release. Easy Grip Toggles, which are sewn down in the back to cre..

260.00€ Ex Tax: 214.88€

Tonfly Uno.600 Swoop skydiving suit

You can use Tonfly configurator program to design your perfect suit: pants are made to perform while swooping. Built with heavy or light Cordur..

319.00€ Ex Tax: 263.64€

UPT V-Stow Semi Stowless Main Deployment Bag

Available in the following sizes:303, 304, 306, 308, 310, 314, 316, 319, 326, 328, 336, 339, 340, 343, 344, 346, 346-1, 347, 348, 349, 350, 351, 352, 353, 354, 355, 357, 358.For more information about..

159.00€ Ex Tax: 131.40€