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For repair

For repair
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Cypres Loop Material (50m or 200m spool)

Cypres closing loop material is used for making reserve closing loops and reserve pullup cords. This..

20.00€ Ex Tax: 16.53€

Yellow Three Ring Release Cable (1yard)

Yellow Three Ring Release Cable. Price per 1 yard...

3.27€ Ex Tax: 2.70€

Binding Tape 1 inch

Sold by the 72 yard roll. 1" (2.54cm) wide. Tensile Strength: 525 lbs.For binding main and reserve..

104.06€ Ex Tax: 86.00€

Binding Tape 3/4 inch

for parachute containers, bags, covers and pullup cord. Tensile strength 400 lbs. Roll  72 ya..

95.59€ Ex Tax: 79.00€

Coupler / oval sleeve for Ripcord

Used with yellow three ring release cable or  with black coated cable. ..

1.03€ Ex Tax: 0.85€

Spandex B.O.C. pilot chute pocket

Pocket used on the bottom of the harness/container to store the pilot chute. Has to be installed by ..

26.62€ Ex Tax: 22.00€