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Parachute Systems Hurricane skydiving Canopy

Parachute Systems Hurricane Main Parachute Canopy.

From the manufacturer of the Vortex, V-Max, Volt and Decelerator comes the elliptical Hurricane Main Canopy. Parachute Systems is one of the few manufacturers in the world that makes each piece of a full system to include the harness/container, main canopy and reserve canopy.


▪   The purist elliptical in its field. 

▪   Known for its consistently soft on heading openings. 

▪   Not prone to spins like most elliptical. 

▪   Very solid airfoil – stable and predictable. 

▪   Flatter glide than most other elliptical parachutes in its range, giving it further reach. 

▪   Known for its long dives on front risers, snappy turns and quick responses, with long flat swoops. 

▪   Powerful flare without the need of radical turns to generate lift. 

▪   Small pack volume and easy to pack. 

▪   Available in sizes: 95, 105, 120, 135, 150, 170 

▪   Strung with 825 pound spectra lines. 

▪   Custom colors available.

Turnaround time from order placement to delivery is approximately 7 weeks. 

Parachute Systems Hurricane skydiving Canopy

20% deposit for custom orders

We require only 20% of advance payment for all custom orders (rigs, canopies, helmets, suits).

Stock list: canopies and containers

Canopies stock list 

Containers stock list

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  • Ex Tax: 1,438.00€

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VORTEX container by Parachute Systems.The Vortex sports unique design features, making it one of the..
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