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Paratec Speed 2000 reserve canopy

LOW BULK since 1997.

Our SPEED reserve is awesome. Designed and built under the strictest quality assurance management of Part 21 of the European aviation authority, it of course has the JTSO C 23d as well as the US FAA TSO C 23d certification.
Already in 1997 Paratec has realized, together with its innovative fabric suppliers, the today's so popular expression of a "low bulk" reserve. Other manufacturers are still trying to follow this path. Today the Speed ​​2000 reserve is 

not only the most proven but still the smallest packing low bulk reserve on the market!
Over the years the more and more optimized and exclusively for Paratec manufactured fabric is the base and the guarantor for the technical superiority of this internationally esteemed reserve.
The low bulk design makes the installation of a larger canopy into the already existing container volume possible. In this way, clear gains in security can be implemented: For most of the skydivers t

he first reserve activation is also followed by the first flight and landing with a 7 cell canopy! Therefore, the lower packing volume and larger area offers a useful lower and better predictable sinking rate,

longer residence time in the air and thus more predictable approaches and landings with the excellent, but in terms of flight and flare still unfamiliar, reserve canopy.

Paratec Speed 2000 reserve canopy

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We require only 20% of advance payment for all custom orders (rigs, canopies, helmets, suits).

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