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Parachute Canopies

Parachute Canopies
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PD Katana main parachute canopy

o you’ve decided to step it up from your Sabre2… The Katana is a fully elliptical nine cell canopy..

2,662.00€ Ex Tax: 2,200.00€

PD Lightning main parachute canopy

"I want a canopy designed specifically for canopy relative work, a canopy that has proven itself in ..

2,346.19€ Ex Tax: 1,939.00€

PD lineset kit

Replacement Performance Designs Main Parachute Canopy Lineset. Note canopy model and size in text..

326.70€ Ex Tax: 270.00€

PD Navigator main parachute canopy

The Navigator is a state of the art student canopy. It offers an unparalleled combination of perfo..

2,146.54€ Ex Tax: 1,774.00€

PD Pulse main parachute canopy

    The Pulse by Performance Designs is a lightly elliptical nine cell canopy designed especia..

2,441.78€ Ex Tax: 2,018.00€

PD Storm main parachute canopy

Thunder, Lightning, Wind and Rain… oh, the canopy. With great openings and a powerful flare at lan..

2,346.19€ Ex Tax: 1,939.00€

PD Velocity main parachute canopy

Performance Designs Velocity has set the standard for crossbraced canopy performance. This canopy ..

3,182.30€ Ex Tax: 2,630.00€

Aerodyne lineset kits

Replacement lineset for any sport main canopy manufactured by Aerodyne. This is a complete linese..

294.03€ Ex Tax: 243.00€

Aerodyne lineset Tandem

Replacement lineset for A2 tandem main canopy manufactured by Aerodyne. This is a complete linese..

415.03€ Ex Tax: 343.00€

Aerodyne Zulu skydiving canopy

The ZULU by Aerodyne The ZULU is the totally new high performance, non cross braced, 9 cell canop..

2,359.50€ Ex Tax: 1,950.00€

PD Valkyrie main parachute canopy (ZP or Hybrid)

  The Valkyrie builds on the dominating performance of the Peregrine and is designed as a st..

3,623.95€ Ex Tax: 2,995.00€

PD Velocity Competition main parachute canopy

From the inventors of the patented crossbraced canopy, once again we’re raising the bar in high pe..

3,398.89€ Ex Tax: 2,809.00€

PD Zero main parachute canopy

The realm of parachute accuracy is one of the oldest and largest skydiving disciplines in the worl..

2,649.90€ Ex Tax: 2,190.00€