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Parachute Systems containers

Parachute Systems containers
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Vortex Jump Ready skydiving rig Bundle (main+container+reserve)

  Package:  Vortex container (135-210), Parachute Systems Main canopy (Volt, Ventus or ..

4,852.10€ Ex Tax: 4,010.00€

Vortex skydiving rig package

  Package:  Vortex container, Main canopy, Reserve canopy, AAD. VORTEX container by Parachute ..

6,104.45€ Ex Tax: 5,045.00€

Vortex Custom Skydiving Container

Special Summer Offer!The package includes: Custom Vortex + Custom Embroidery + Magnetic Riser Covers..

2,178.00€ 2,117.50€ Ex Tax: 1,750.00€