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Stock Rigs

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UPT Sigma Tandem container

  Stock rig info: usually UPT keeps all black Sigmas (Micro and Standard size) + p..

6,534.00€ Ex Tax: 5,400.00€

Aerodyne Icon A stock

Stock list click here  It takes ~2 weeks to adjust a container up to your measurements.Compare ..

2,651.11€ Ex Tax: 2,191.00€

Aerodyne Icon V stock

Stock list click here  It takes ~2 weeks to adjust a container up to your measurement..

3,177.46€ Ex Tax: 2,626.00€

Infinity stock skydiving container

VSE is clearing out our stock rigs! Get great deals on brand new gear! Ask us for a special price.Ha..

2,366.76€ Ex Tax: 1,956.00€

Wings skydiving container stock

Wings stock list click here.Wings rigs comes complete with the following as standard:Hip ringsC..

1,849.00€ Ex Tax: 1,528.10€

Javelin Odyssey stock container

          After more than a year of testing, the engineer..

2,625.70€ Ex Tax: 2,170.00€

Mirage G4 stock

Mirage G4 stock list (delivery 1-2 weeks) click hereCutting-edge Alien TechnologyFabr..

2,305.05€ Ex Tax: 1,905.00€