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Deem Crank Short

Deem Crank Short
Brand: Deem
Product Code: crank short
Availability: Pre-Order
Ex Tax: 315.00€

Available Options

Deem options:

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SKYDIVING is neverending summer. This made us design CRANK-based short suit. Light, breezy and gives you superhero looks! Remember to select on the form the "suit without lining". Remember that the white material is transparent and we use full lining there!

CRANKis made almost entirely of "Cordura LITE". The thinnest, fully breathable fabric, that we have ever used in our workshop. LITE means 115 g per square meter of strongest Poliamid 6.6 yarn – „The“ top Cordura performance. Superhero looks is what you get for free with the suit.

    You can choose elastic softshell/lycra inserts to enhance comfort during your skydives or tunnelflight.

"Dynamic Freefly" specification comes without flexible inserts, but you have to let us take precise measurements at our workshop.

For extreme drag reduction we introduced new legs and arms matching option, namely The Super Tight. It is a combination of normal leg gusset flexible suture cuff without intersection.



Basic option :

  - Main material Cordura Lite

  - Cordura or Taslan on reinforcement on knees

  - Elastic parts by softshell

  - High or low Collar ends by pin and "V" type by Velcro

  - Sleevs ending by lycra

  - One inside pocket

  - Inside layer material

  - Suit bag




Extra Option:


   - Hand Grips L+P

   - Leg Grips L+P

   - Second inside pocket

   - RDS Pocket

   - Removable foam on knees

   - Extra Cordura or Taslan on bum

   - Grips in two colurs


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