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Cookie G35 Skydiving Helmet Utility Accessory

Cookie G35 Skydiving Helmet Utility Accessory
Cookie G35 Skydiving Helmet Utility Accessory
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These are spare parts for an integrated GoPro solution for Cookie G35 Skydiving Helmet. Choose an extra G35 Roller Mount Base, Cap, Handle or Slide Lock.

A plate area in the top of the shell allows the user to easily customize the helmet between standard, tunnel (anti-scratch) and utility/camera, and includes pre-mounted internals for Cookie's patent pending camera release system.


This new Cookie G35 Skydiving Helmet Top Plate comes in three different shapes as a:

  • Standard Plate, that has a variety of different colors to choose from;
  • Skid Protection Plate, that is made from heavy-duty nylon and intended for protecting your helmet when flying in the wind tunnel and comes only in black color;
  • GoPro Roller Mount Utility Plate, that is also made from heavy-duty nylon and is intended to receive the GoPro roller mount and new camera cutaway system (only black color). Nylon utility skid plate and cutaway handle turns your G35 into a GoPro helmet solution. This GoPro mount works with the Cookie roller mount range and allows the user both emergency cutaway functionality as well as a lightning fast way to attach and remove your camera.

* The second picture is for illustration purposes only. Helmet, Roller mount and GoPro Camera is NOT included.