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Icarus Neos main canopy

Icarus Neos main canopy
Icarus Neos main canopy
Icarus Neos main canopy
Icarus Neos main canopy
Icarus Neos main canopy
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The NEOS is the latest ZP 9-cell high performance canopy from Icarus. The unique design combines cross-bracing with a traditional high-performance canopy.


The NEOS features ARC Bracing and Enhanced Ram Air Stabilizers. Sniveling on-heading openings are common-place for the Neos. This is fast becoming one of the best all-around high-performance canopies for instructors and camera flyers.

The ICARUS NEOS is the finest high performance canopy in the market today. Its innovative aerodynamic and structural design characteristics, the new ARC1 Bracing (Advanced Rib Construction), the innovative SICS (Synchronized Inflow Control System) and the ERAS (Enhanced Ram Air Stabilizers) mark a new era in ram air canopy design technology.

Fly a NEOS and you will no longer question your openings. On deployment you will have a reliable, soft and on heading opening. You will also experience excellent glide, especially during rear riser flight. A fully elliptical plan form shape makes it exceptionally responsive to your input. During flight feel the rigidity of the advanced design with a solid wing over your head. Front riser pressure is mild, which makes a NEOS easy to fly for a full day of jumping. The NEOS feels like a fully X-braced elliptical wing even though the center 3-cells are the only cells with ARC Bracing. On approach the NEOS feels incredibly rigid. You are able to make your turn to final, adjust your approach with front risers, trim on rears and your toggles will have a powerful shutdown. The NEOS also has a surprising pack volume, which is much smaller than typical X-Braced canopies.

NEOS is simply superior canopy design, technology and innovation all rolled into one wing. Incredible openings, speed, fun piloting, responsive to input, swooping power and small pack volume…NEOS has it ALL!

NEOS Characteristics

NEOS is the first high performance skydiving canopy designed by applying advanced parachute design numerical methodologies with in-house developed cutting edge computational fluid dynamic software tools.

NEOS true elliptical plan form has 3 dual cells on each end and 3 center tri cells designed to ensure even upper surface span wise tension while carrying the loads through an internal membrane skeleton. Traditional cross bracing techniques achieve upper surface control by generating irregular span wise tension, but the side effects on aerodynamic surface deformation, variations on local angle of attack and uneven chord wise rib loading make them unfriendly to fly and introduce an inherently unpredictable deployment sequence that requires pilot input to correct.

ARC is designed around the concept of carrying the flight loads through an internal membrane acting as an skeleton and allowing the outer surfaces to be shaped specifically to fit their aerodynamic requirements and therefore be more lift/drag efficient.

The fully elliptical plan form shape is completed with the integration of ERAS that contribute to control wing tip vortex and provide a clean and efficient aerodynamic shape. Inflating the wing tip with pressurized air allows for stabilization of the wing tip vortex and eliminates energy consuming vibration of traditional single layer canopy stabilizers.

Traditional canopies have single layer stabilizers sewn onto or as an extension of the end or tip cell, acting basically as slider stops to help control canopy deployment. Once the canopy is deployed and in forward flight, regular stabilizers vibrate and bring additional drag and noise to the canopy flight. ERAS ram air double layer pressurized stabilizers give the wing tip a much more effective shape with better continuity, and increase the air perceived aspect ratio of the wing. The resulting additional L/D efficiency and the absence of vibration noise allow for higher loading canopy configurations and thus increases overall wing performance.

Designing such a clean aerodynamic flying configuration has been attempted previously by various canopy manufacturers. Thanks to SICS, ICARUS Canopies has been able to understand the phenomena controlling the deployment and inflation process of a canopy. SICS consistently ensures the initial pressurization of the 3 center tri cells producing a soft snivel phase resulting in the NEOS forward "on-heading" flight. The outside 3 dual cells on the ends follow to pressurize the canopy into a fully rigid wing.

Come and try a NEOS, you will not want to return to your old canopy!

Recommended for wing loadings from 1.8 PSF to 2.4 PSF. The Icarus Neos is available in sizes of 69, 74, 79, 84, 89, 94, 99, 104, 109, 114 and 119. 

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