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Brand: Sky-shop
Sky-shop Gift Coupon is probably the best gift idea for any skydiver - give them the freedom to choose from more than 500 skydiving products coming from 40 different manufacturers!Simply choose the amount (50, 100, 200 or 500 €) you'd like this Gift Coupon to come in, make a transfer and we will sen..
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All Cookie G4 helmet orders are applicable for a FREE SHIPPING*!* Applies only within EU (with an exception of Cyprus and Malta).G4 SIZING CHART The internal liner system for the G4 is more conducive to traditional helmets and sizing does vary from the G3.XSmall: 53-54cm or 2..
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The helmet is new, but has a small scratch / paint defect on its back side - you can see it in the second picture.G4 SIZING CHARTThe internal liner system for the G4 is more conducive to traditional helmets and sizing does vary from the G3.XSmall: 53-54cm or 20 1/2"-21 1/4"Small: 55-56cm or 21 ..
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Brand: SQ1
Bringing innovation and precision engineering to full-face helmet design, Square One presents the KISS. A multi-discipline, state-of-the-art, high-performance helmet, the KISS features a 2mm thick polycarbonate lens with full mouth exposure, panoramic visibility and Square One’s NEW patent-pend..
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Brand: NZ Aerosports
NZ Aerosports Crossfire3 149 slider (white)..
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Brand: Boogieman
Sizes:S: 1M 64-70 ; 54-59KGM: 1M 74-78 ; 69-74 KGL: 1M 78-85 ; 75-81 KGXL: 1M 82-88 ; 81-86 KG..
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Durable nylon emblazoned with the L&B logo, the latest VISO2 Hand Mount keeps your altimeter secure to your hand with the use of a Velcro wrist strap and our new silicone rubber finger loop. The VISO2 Hand Mount is integrated with our special pocket specifically for use with VISO2. ..
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Brand: Parasport
A simple design, it is made of padded Cordura for an excellent comfort during freefall or indoor flying. The easy to use and 100% affordable closing system, together with the equally distributed weight pockets, make this belt comfortable during opening shocks too.The availability of three different ..
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Brand: Peeksteep
We have reinvented the packing tool! :)   If you want to stand out from the crowd this packing tool is exactly for you. Match the color of your style and you will not be guessing which packing tool is yours.   It is made from the strongest stainless steel, so even the strongest men will ..
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This Cookie helmet pouch comes standard with every Cookie G3 helmet. Get an extra one and always keep your helmet safe from scratches!..
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Made in aircraft grade aluminium, AresII™ is the evolution of digital civilian visual altimeters. AresII™ takes durability, superior engineering and accuracy to the civilian jumpers. The AresII™ is a digital faced visual altimeter for those civilian skydivers who prefer a digital display over a trad..
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