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NZ Aerosports Daedalus Leia skydiving canopy

NZ Aerosports Daedalus Leia skydiving canopy
NZ Aerosports Daedalus Leia skydiving canopy
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Leia is not a canopy built to the standards of a mere workhorse, but to the impossibly high standards of a modern competition canopy.

With advanced panel shaping and the latest generation planform initiated with Petra, she is the most modern wing you can buy short of a full comp-specific sail fabric parachute. Her high ellipticity, optimized wing tips and signature Powerband nose make for a leading edge that simply slices through air.

From Leia’s sleek computer engineered 21-cell design to her sexy airfoil and HMA400 lines, she is not just the world’s ultimate ZP canopy. She is your ultimate everyday swoop wing. The result? She’s soft where you want her and strong where you need her. A canopy that can be jumped anytime hassle-free and can also kick ass over the pond like nothing you’ve ever seen. Made for highly skilled pilots to fly with everyday, she is not a toy – she’s a weapon.

Which is why everyone who is anyone (or thinks they are) wants to get his or her hands on one.  True, that extra ten percent that separates the truly extraordinary from the merely good doesn’t come easy. Or cheap. But after one test flight we’re confident you’ll agree, she’s worth every penny.

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The all-new Leia. Fall in love

Leia comes in two configurations – Standard ZP, and Hybrid Construction. 

Standard ZP: Because we designed her with the everyday experienced swooper in mind, Leia comes standard in full ZP for ease of use. This configuration has a small pack volume and no special care instructions. We recommend this for non-competitors who simply want the most powerful ZP wing on the market.

Hybrid Construction: To cater for swoopers who want to have their everyday canopy and compete her too, we have created a more advanced version of Leia with sail fabric internals. This configuration only slightly adds to the pack volume (about 5-7sq/ft) but turbo-charges the wing and gives you an extra burst of speed and power.

Note: Sail internals are exclusively available in white.

Removable Deployment System: Leia comes standard with a normal slider. You have the option to purchase an RDS.