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Brand: PG
A waxed, flat-braided nylon mini-tape with tensile strength of 50 lbs.Tensile strength: 50 lbs. MIL-T-43435. Type 1, Size 3, Finish "B". Spool 500 yard ..
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Brand: PG
Locking Pullup Cord for parachute riggers.  ..
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Brand: PG
l used in packing square reserve parachutes. ..
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Brand: PG
  15 assorted sewing needles.   ..
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Brand: PG
used to stow lines in retainer loops of military parachutes like T10, MC, NB.  ..
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Brand: PG
For all riggers who must keep records for the FAA...
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Brand: PG
 Items included: Carry Case Packing Fid 6-inch Metal Ruler T-Bodkin Finger Trapping Wire Navy End Tab Crescent Wrench Cypres Temporary Pin Rigger Field Data Card Packing Data Card Ink Pen Mini Knee Plate/Paddle Postive Leverage Closing Device Lead Seals, Closing ..
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Brand: PG
this tool will increase your leverage on pull up cord type reserves, making packing a tight rig much easier...
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Brand: PG
By inserting the hook in the size 0 grommet of the reserve container, and the ripcord cable in the slot of the pull check tool, you can check the pull force of the reserve ripcord without opening the container.  ..
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Brand: PG
Large Rigger Kit comes with:Professional Rigger Kit BagPackers Kit For CypresMulti ToolMolar StrapClosing PlateLocking Pull-Up CordAluminum Packing StickTapered Aluminum Packing StickSeam RipperSewing PalmNeedlesUltimate Closing Device 12” With T-BarT BodkinPacking HookPacking Pin With Flag Hollow E..
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Brand: PG
Chrome/steel nippers are used to increase speed and convenience in thread cutting...
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Brand: PG
 Same as W903 except this is a kit size.  Size: 2" x 36"...
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Brand: PG
to make fast&easy patches without sewing or heating. Roll:  2" x 25' ..
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Brand: PG
Tensile strength: 4.75 lbs. Used to seal ripcord after packing. 2 oz. spool. NSN 8310-01-493-6030..
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