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Sun Path Swooper Belly Band

Sun Path Swooper Belly Band
Sun Path Swooper Belly Band
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This provides additional security to the pilot if he or she chooses to remove the chest strap. Sun Path products does not recommend the removal of the chest strap on the Javelin series of harness and container systems.

Nevertheless Sun Path decided to provide for the demand from professional swoopers. The CP Belly Band was designed exclusively for competitors to position their bodies parallel to the ground during their swoop runs. The product was launched at the Sun Path CP Open Competition that was held in the beginning of October 2013 at Skydive Raeford, to a very good reception.

The band is available in their standard color selection of 1000D Cordura and Type 17 (1”) or Type 8 (2”) nylon webbing. Javelin Odyssey is embroidered on the band in your choice of original or tenth Anniversary Logo.

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