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VSE Infinity main risers

VSE Infinity main risers
VSE Infinity main risers
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Available Options

Infinity main risers include the ring to attach the RSL to the riser on the jumper's right side and a pair of gold toggles. We use type 17, 1" wide webbing for our risers. Choose Jump For The Rose logos on your risers to donate $5 to breast cancer research and help raise awareness!

For canopy piloting, we also offer two options: Swoop Loops and Competition Risers.

Swoop Loops - Reinforced front dive loops, which make it easier to grab your fronts. 

Competition Risers - The competition risers include the Swoop Loops, in addition to the low drag profile that will allow for longer and faster swoops. Furthermore, we added an additional guide ring for the steering line at the top of the riser next to the links. This gives you an additional 4-6" to pull down the front risers without risk of deforming the tail of the wing, and adds safety, as it allows you to more easily hold onto your toggles when pulling the dive loops, therefore decreasing the risk of dropping a toggle at a critical moment.