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Icarus Canopies

Main canopy soft links made by Icarus Canopies. This set of Slinks are made for main canopies. ..
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Icarus Canopies reserve Slinks (4pcs set)..
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These linesets are built in the Icarus Support Center by factory trained technicians to original factory specifications...
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Equinox: The Entry to Flight. Recognizing the learning issues canopy students face when they start their journey from AFF to their first canopy, ICARUS Canopies has developed the EQUINOX specifically to allow a safer canopy piloting learning process. With a carefully balanced rectangular planform..
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This is an advanced, ultra high performance, 21 cell cross braced canopyAvailable in the following sizes: 67, 71, 75, 79, 84, 90, 96, 103Full specifications and more info on GT-R: Icarus GT-RIcarus GT-T demo request form: Icarus GT-T DemoYou can design your ca..
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Icarus NANO Reserve: High Tech, Low Volume, Dependable Durability. The ICARUS NANO Reserve has revolutionized the low pack volume reserve. With the NANO you get the same low pack volume as its competitor with the added piece of mind that your NANO is made with a more dense low volume fabric that ..
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Icarus Neos main canopy
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The NEOS is the latest ZP 9-cell high performance canopy from Icarus. The unique design combines cross-bracing with a traditional high-performance canopy.   The NEOS features ARC Bracing and Enhanced Ram Air Stabilizers. Sniveling on-heading openings are common-place for the Neos. This is fast..
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The ōm-7’s multi stage controlled deployment sequences will allow you to fly your wingsuit and experience worry-free, soft, on-heading openings. Peace of mind to conclude your wingsuit flight. Namaste. ōm-7 CharacteristicsRecommended Wing Loading: 0.75 - 1.60 PSF The ICARUS WORLD ōm-7 is a 7-c..
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Icarus Omni: Nothing Else But Fun. ICARUS Omni, the ultimate 7-cell tapered canopy. This all purpose canopy offers soft on-heading openings, predictable flight characteristics, light toggle and riser pressure, and greater flare than any other 7-cell design. The Omni is ideal for intermediate and/..
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Icarus Reserve Canopy: Your Last Line of Defense. ICARUS Canopies has gone again ONE STEP AHEAD and has designed a state-of-the-art wing that provides fast, accurate and reliable openings as well as unique flight characteristics for a reserve canopy. From the safety and reliability of the opening..
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We are proud to introduce the new S Fire!The new Safire. So much better we gave it a new name.S FIRE CHARACTERISTICSRecommended Wing Loading: 0.75 - 1.9 psfSize (Sq. Ft.)Real Size (Sq. Ft.)MSW (Lbs)Canopy Weight (Lbs)999918871091092077119119226712912924671391392658149149284816916930081891893009..
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We are proud to introduce our new tandem canopy - The TX2!Dropzone owners and tandem instructors are agreeing that the TX2 is the best possible tool for any tandem operation. Years of testing and innovation have been assembled in this completely new TX2 design that will be the top choice for instruc..
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