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Weight belts and bands

Brand: Sunpath
This provides additional security to the pilot if he or she chooses to remove the chest strap. Sun Path products does not recommend the removal of the chest strap on the Javelin series of harness and container systems. Nevertheless Sun Path decided to provide for the demand from professional..
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Brand: Parasport
A simple design, it is made of padded Cordura for an excellent comfort during freefall or indoor flying. The easy to use and 100% affordable closing system, together with the equally distributed weight pockets, make this belt comfortable during opening shocks too.The availability of three different ..
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Brand: Parasport
Manufactured using strong nylon tubular tape, they contain ½ pound (250 g) of lead shots, making them soft and easily adaptable to weight belts.Price per 1 bag (250g)...
Ex Tax:9.09€
The Rainbow Design weight belt is made in Germany and comes with a large, easy-to-use click closure, the spacer foam padding on the inside ensures perfect seat and dampens the weight in the hip area.The weight belt comes with 6 kg of lead. Additional 500g weights can be purchased separately.Availabl..
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Additional 500g weights for the weight belt. Price per 1 bag...
Ex Tax:9.92€
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