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Brand: Parasport
Why wear Parasport ZX helmet:Visor certified optically and against impacts with high speed particles. Wide vision, no distortion, fog free, UV protection. ZX allows you a unique and wider vision compared to traditional full face helmetsEccentric rotation system keeps the visor&nb..
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Brand: Parasport
The Fairwind XPS has been tested under the XP S 72-600 specifications for parachuting and indoor flying helmets, and certified under the updated regulations for Personal Protection Equipment, the CEPPE EU 2016/425, delive- ring a product with a high quality standard at an affor- dable price.These sp..
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Brand: Parasport
Based on the Jed-A Wind open face helmet, the Pro version shares the same high quality materials for shell and liner, but with a semi-rigid fixed ear cover, with the advantage to increase comfort of fit of the open face.The ear covers allow to install an audible without interfere..
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Brand: Parasport
This option designed for the Z1 Jed-A is a special fit for the Skytronic GFX Skydiving Computer or the NeoXs Audible Altimeter.The option allows skydivers to install an audible altimeter inside the helmet more comfortably because of the extra room over the ear. The audible setup is av..
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Brand: Parasport
Perfect companion of the NeoXs2 Audible Altimeter, the AloXs is its natural twin. Compact and lightweight, it has wide digits for easy reading of the altitude, in freefall and flying the canopy. With functions similar to those of the Altitron, it will be appreciated by skydi..
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Brand: Parasport
The new case makes the NeoXs 2 the smallest audible on the market, and can fit every skydiving headwear without being uncomfortable. It is made of a single piece of strong, injected anti-shock nylon to carefully protect the electronics on the inside. And it's waterproof! While..
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Brand: Parasport
The mechanical altimeter made by Parasport has been redesigned, keeping the same sturdy, affordable, accurate mechanism. Calibrated up to 6.000 m (19.000 ft), with a temperature compensated aneroid capsule, the Aeronaut gives accurate readings along the full range of operation. The ..
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Brand: Parasport
A simple design, it is made of padded Cordura for an excellent comfort during freefall or indoor flying. The easy to use and 100% affordable closing system, together with the equally distributed weight pockets, make this belt comfortable during opening shocks too.The availability of three different ..
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Brand: Parasport
Manufactured using strong nylon tubular tape, they contain ½ pound (250 g) of lead shots, making them soft and easily adaptable to weight belts.Price per 1 bag (250g)...
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Brand: Parasport
Replaces the original liner when worn out, or just to set a new size on the same helmet shell.   For the Z1 HP or SL. The Z1 SL-14 has a different liner...
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Brand: Parasport
For the Z1 HP Full Face Helmet with or without IAS option.Designed to replace the original lens...
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Brand: Parasport
The spare Z1 Skylight lens for your Z1. Also useful to alternate the clear visor with the colored one, according to light conditions. WARNING! If you own a Z1 with the assembly visor+lens you will need to purchase the Skylight upgrade kit first as it is supplied with all the parts necessary for a..
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Brand: Parasport
Replaces the original liner when worn out, or just to set a new size on the same helmet shell.For the Z1 SL-14 only! The Z1 HP or SL has a different liner...
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Parasport Z1 SL/HP Padded Helmet Bag
Brand: Parasport
Absolutely necessary to give extra protection to your Z1 full face helmet! Made of black padded Cordura, it is provided with a pouch, internally lined with soft fabric.  Z1 embroidery on both sides. Compatible with other helmets too...
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Brand: Parasport
Two replacement Z-1 Flip-Up Visor Bolts. These are the latest bolt version from Para-Sport Italia for all Z-1 and Z1 SL-14 helmets...
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