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Rigging tools, skydiving tools, parachute packing tools

Brand: Airtec
  CYPRES-Packer's Kit Everything for the professional CYPRES installation. Think of the CYPRES Checklist as a way for packers to evaluate the proper installation of a CYPRES or of loops in a 50-meter (164 feet) spool; whether you need disks, a silicon bottle, silicone cloth, finger..
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Brand: Airtec
Sold by 1pcs Simply Indispensable.  No professional rigger's loft anywhere in the world does not have this tool - as the CYPRES Temporary Pin is another AIRTEC product of the highest quality, it is made of the most precious steel that is available. Its shape and size makes it a perfect fi..
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Brand: PG
The 5" Bulldog Seal Press is used to close and emboss lead seals and aluminum seals.Replaceable, interchangeable 1/2" diameter dies are available blank or engraved with letters, numbers or logos. Each die is removable with a set screw.Limit 3 letters or numbers on one die.Contact us with custo..
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Brand: PG
The EZ Seal Press Model L8 is used to close and emboss lead and wire seals. This heavy duty seal press features 8" long handles and is made out of stainless steel. Suitable for closing up to 1/2" diameter lead seals. Replaceable, interchangeable 3/8" diameter dies are available blank or engraved wit..
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A must tool for the professional riggers and parachutists.Dimensions 15" X 1 1/2" X 1/4" thick...
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Shipping Weight: 8 oz..
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Brand: PG
For cutting steel wire and cableUnique triangular jawsNever leaves a frayed cutCuts wire and small cable up to 3/16 inchOverall length is 8 inches..
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Brand: PG
 12" Length x 4" Width x 0.125" Depth..
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Brand: PG
Dimensions 4" x 4" x 1/4"..
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Brand: PG
These time saving metal templates will help you put impeccable patches on any parachute. You'll be proud of the results, and your customers will be impressed.EZ-Patch templates are sold in sets of four only. The set includes four standard sizes to create square patches with outside dimensions of 5"x..
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Brand: PG
This set of tools is used to perform Parachute Industry Association TS-108 Fabric Strength Test. Replaces the old "rigger thumb test".  Comes with two fabric clamps, one 50 lb. Scale, one 1-oz. bottle of Bromocresol Green Solution and instructions.  The only way to tell if a canopy fabric is s..
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Brand: PG
These fids are made of durable, almost impossible to break, Delrin plastic. Set of 3 different sizes, one will finger trap any of the hollow braided suspension lines currently on the market. In addition a sheet of tips and hints comes with the set...
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 Hand-operated heat cutting tool to cut small quantities, recommended for short-time operation only. Suitable to cut and seal the edges of synthetic material to prevent fraying and unraveling. Such as synthetic fabric, fiber, cords, ropes, webbing, and belting. This is the unit that is hig..
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Brand: PG
Made from stainless steel...
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