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Analog altimeters

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Brand: Alti-2
The Alti-2 Altimaster III Galaxy is the ultimate analog altimeter for sport skydiving enthusiasts. Available in a wide range of colors, including black, and with the option of a white or glow-in-the-dark face, this altimeter is both reliable and easily recognizable on the market.The Galaxy boasts an..
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Brand: Parasport
The mechanical altimeter made by Parasport has been redesigned, keeping the same sturdy, affordable, accurate mechanism. Calibrated up to 6.000 m (19.000 ft), with a temperature compensated aneroid capsule, the Aeronaut gives accurate readings along the full range of operation. The ..
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Brand: Viplo
Crafted from robust aluminum, Viplo FT50 Skydiving Analog Altimeter combines reliability with a high-precision movement, making it the top choice for skydiving training centers. Key Features:High precision movement for reliable altitude readings.Robust aluminum construction ensures durability.A..
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ALTITRACK™ FEATURES: First ever electronic altimeter with analog scale. First ever altimeter with ergonomic fit. First ever altimeter with 45 deg. offset scale for easy line of sight viewing when mounted on the hand/wrist. Choice of symmetric and asymmetric scale graduation in either ..
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The STELLA™ does what no other analog altimeter has done. LB Altimeters has taken the accuracy and user experience of the ALTITRACK™, the versatility of the VISO II+™ mounting system and combined them into STELLA™... all at a price-point that is friendly to an entry level student skydiver all the wa..
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Brand: Alti-2
A member of the Galaxy family, the Altimaster Galaxy Extreme contains the same valued features of the Galaxy, but modified to be WATERPROOF! Note, the lens on the Galaxy Extreme is not field replaceable.Available in BLACK only...
Ex Tax:297.52€
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