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The new FlySight2 hardware is a complete redesign, but a few new features really stand out:Water resistant case (IP67)More powerful processor with Bluetooth Low Energy radioAdditional sensors (barometric, acceleration, rotation, and orientation)Improved audioUSB CFlySight2 was designed by Bionic Av..
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FlySight 2 Mount for externally mounting this audible GPS on most curved skydiving helmets.Note: This mount is included in the package with a FlySight 2 so this is if you need a replacement or to have mounts on multiple helmets to switch the FlySight 2 to different helmets.The mount can be secured t..
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FlySight was designed by Bionic Avionics Inc. from the ground up for wingsuit and canopy pilots and does one truly revolutionary thing: FlySight provides real-time audible indication of glide ratio, horizontal or vertical speed. If you've used other GPS receivers, you know the drill. When yo..
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Mount designed to fit perfectly most helmets (G3, G4, FUEL, TONFLY, etc...). Provides a snug fit for the FlySight GPS unit without any glue or Velcro for better security.Note: This mount fits both the original FlySight 1 and new FlySight 2...
Ex Tax:28.93€
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