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AAD parts and maintenance

Brand: Airtec
  Cypres1 and Cypres 2 units must be sent to AIRTEC for factory maintenance at 4 years and 8 years from the date of manufacture. Service time for the Cypres maintenance is a minimum of two weeks.  A Cypres 12.25 years old and a Cypres2 12.5 years old are no longer airworthy and must be ..
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Brand: Airtec
  The Cypres cutter is field-replaceable. Most original Cypres units and all Cypres2 units have a field-replaceable cutter. The cutter must be replaced if activated. This cutter is a one-pin unit for containers with one reserve pin.  ..
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Brand: MarS
M2  replacement cutter for Tandem, Student, Expert, Speed mode units...
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Brand: Vigil
This product by A.A.D. n.v./s.a. is compatible with all Vigil, Vigil II and Vigil 2+, Vigil Cuatro, Military II, II+, II+c AAD units.Features: Last 16 minutes of free fall jumps recorded in memory;One detailed graph per jump (Max. 16);Standard 2.0 USB connection;The settings..
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Brand: Vigil
The replacement Vigil cutter can be used on the original Vigil or Vigil II. This the latest Type III stainless steel cutter. ..
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