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Digital altimeters

Digital skydiving altimeters, L&B altimeters, Atlas altimeters

Made in aircraft grade aluminium, AresII™ is the evolution of digital civilian visual altimeters. AresII™ takes durability, superior engineering and accuracy to the civilian jumpers. The AresII™ is a digital faced visual altimeter for those civilian skydivers who prefer a digital display over a trad..
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The VISO II+ Electronic Visual Altimeter & Logbook!Larsen & Brusgaard's Viso II+ is the "goto" altimeter for skydivers world-wide. This digital hand altimeter includes an electronic logbook and the widest variety of additional mounting options from hand to wrist to chest.The VISO II+ is an u..
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Brand: Alti-2
The ATLAS II Skydiving Altimeter, brought to you by Alti-2, is the ultimate skydiving instrument for enthusiasts looking for a compact and durable device. With its worldwide standard USB port, the ATLAS II can be recharged every 4-8 weeks, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective option. Bu..
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Brand: Alti-2
While the ATLAS Il is the evolution of the famous menu-driven Alti-2 Neptune, the JUNO is the visual altimeter for price-sensitive skydivers. Thanks to the no battery/filters/maintenance of the JUNO, the altimeter has low cost of ownership.Available with the worldwide standard USB-C port for re..
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Brand: Parasport
Perfect companion of the NeoXs2 Audible Altimeter, the AloXs is its natural twin. Compact and lightweight, it has wide digits for easy reading of the altitude, in freefall and flying the canopy. With functions similar to those of the Altitron, it will be appreciated by skydi..
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Brand: AO(N2)
AO(N2) X2 Digital GPS AltimeterNext generation digital GPS device from AO(N2) is more than an altimeter - it's a complete flight computer!Long Battery LifeWith up to 1 week standby time and up to 50 hours of GPS navigation, you can have worry-free adventures with X2.GPSBring your situational aw..
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