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JYRO Tandem Main Canopy

JYRO Tandem Main Canopy
JYRO Tandem Main Canopy
JYRO Tandem Main Canopy
JYRO Tandem Main Canopy
JYRO Tandem Main Canopy
JYRO Tandem Main Canopy
JYRO Tandem Main Canopy
JYRO Tandem Main Canopy
JYRO Tandem Main Canopy
JYRO Tandem Main Canopy
JYRO Tandem Main Canopy
JYRO Tandem Main Canopy
JYRO Tandem Main Canopy
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The JYRO Tandem is the wing that launched the brand. It’s been our cornerstone; evolving with the times to remain the perfect Tandem design. It’s about reliability, durability, and long-lasting craftsmanship. This wing meets the demands of all tandem pilots, giving total serenity in flight without losing the feeling of freedom. She’s for those, like you, who are not content only with flying, but look to share the pleasure of flying. With unparalleled investment value, a low malfunction rate and flight characteristics instructors love, the JYRO Tandem is the toughest, friendliest and safest tool for your commercial tandem operation.

The original Icarus Canopies (now JYRO) Tandem canopy was the first zero porosity tandem released to the market. Today’s JYRO Tandem stems from those strong roots: proven construction, now with newer, better fabrics, an elliptical shape and options found nowhere else in the industry.

With tough ZP construction the JYRO Tandem will retain it’s as-new performance for thousands of jumps. Your tandem instructors won’t be avoiding older rigs any more – but the packers might be avoiding the new ones at first!

The JYRO Tandem has passed the test of time. It’s strong, tough, loved by tandem instructors and has a low malfunction rate. She’s a beauty.

This is the tandem canopy for dropzones who demand only the best for their passengers, instructors, and themselves.

What can you expect when you fly your JYRO Tandem for the first time? 
Smooth familiarity, responsive flight, and a quiet comfortability knowing you’ve done all this before. The JYRO Tandem is reminiscent of your everyday large sports canopy – you’ll feel at home from the moment you pitch until the moment your passenger slides gently onto the landing area.

The openings are soft, consistent, comfortable and take 500-700ft. There is a variable lip over the nose there is no flag or hole in the slider – the slider is flat. There are no brake settings, which makes for easy packing with no downside. She opens centre cell first with the ends collapsed and the remaining cells inflate slowly. Off-heading openings do happen but she doesn’t dive away; even testing the wing Tandem Terminal (drogueless) she gave nothing but sweet smooth openings.

The control inputs, whether dual or single toggles, provide a huge amount of performance and range. She reacts with speed and precision and goes exactly where you put her. There is just the right amount of feedback, so your passenger stays comfortable, and her agility means that you can still have some fun on your way down! Using the dual set up you will notice refreshingly light toggle pressure when using only the steering toggles, giving you fast, responsive manoeuvrability with a little less effort. Come time to pick up the flare toggles you will notice the added power giving you confident, consistent landings. With the single toggle setup, it’s comparable to that of a large sports wing – a quick response and all the power ready to go at the pull of a toggle. When landing time comes, the single setup offers everything required for the same confident and consistent landings.

Stall Point
The JYRO Tandem has an extremely deep stall point bordering on almost impossible to find! You can be comfortable knowing she will maintain safe flight while sitting in deep brakes. This makes stacking for landing a hassle and worry free job.

Powerful responsive toggles for a ton of flare power, an extremely efficient glide for getting back from long spots and a very stable platform for handling rough turbulence.

The Dive
She offers a comfortable dive that helps generate added speed and power, translating to a powerful flare.

With a generous yet safe recovery, the JYRO Tandem allows for a more natural feeling, similar to what you would feel on a larger sport canopy. These familiar characteristics that the pilot is used to make for a safer and more predictable wing.

A fully elliptical planform means landings are a dream. Landings on the 365 size and above are more gentle than any tandem canopies we’ve tried. The 6 & 2 option is manoeuvrable enough to build up a lot of speed for a good surf if that’s what you’re into. Nil winds with heavy loads will still have some minimal forward speed, and the light toggle pressure makes flaring and controlling the flare suuuuper easy.