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JYRO Kraken Skydiving Canopy

JYRO Kraken Skydiving Canopy
JYRO Kraken Skydiving Canopy
JYRO Kraken Skydiving Canopy
JYRO Kraken Skydiving Canopy
JYRO Kraken Skydiving Canopy
JYRO Kraken Skydiving Canopy
JYRO Kraken Skydiving Canopy
JYRO Kraken Skydiving Canopy
JYRO Kraken Skydiving Canopy
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Canopies low(er) in aspect ratio and ellipticity (fat 7-cell canopies) have better heading performance, and stability in flight –  good for when you’re spun up in line twists after opening – something you wingsuit pilots tell us is possible no matter how much we scream “BODY POSITION” at you!

The problem with this is, wings shaped like this are not exactly renowned for their glide performance and sharp handling.

So how do we make something handicapped by the very nature of its job fly well? The answer – as usual – was a combination of ideas floating around the head of JYRO aeronautical engineer Julien, and the production and test jump team.

Designing the JYRO Kraken was a long process because it was new to us. Traditionally we  focused more on flight performance than on opening a canopy in a wingsuit wake. So it took us a few years, but ended up with a very technical canopy full of cool features and ideas that makes it very different from any existing wingsuit canopy. The result is a low bulk (she packs about 15% smaller than a 9-cell non-crossbraced canopy like the Safire 3 or Crossfire 3), long lasting canopy with very reliable and stable openings that lands like a dream.

This is our very first wingsuit specific parachute. The result of thousands of test jumps, cutaways, and lots of spilt (and consumed) beer. Whist other manufacturers approached designing this type of wing drawing from their experience with BASE canopies, we looked to our deep understanding of modern day wings, aerodynamics, and type of ingenuity that produces world class skydiving parachutes – our trademark.

All in all, we’re super proud of what we’ve ended up with. We have a canopy that is bloody good for its intended purpose of opening well after you’re finished prancing around the sky in your dress…ahem, wingsuit… and simultaneously offers a fun filled flight and powerful flare. Oh, and if you jump it slick, it won’t break your back. Nice.

The game changer. We knew this was a big factor to all the wingsuiters out there. The modern day wingsuit is capable of  incredible glide, but this efficiency brings its own set of complications when designing a parachute to match. The biggest factor is the turbulent wake formed behind the wingsuit – right where you deploy your parachute…

The JYRO Kraken openings are quick but not hard – you’ll feel inflation immediately. The vent helps control the heading. Once the center cell and adjacent cells inflate, the canopy slowly pressurises with a predictable reliability. Should line-twists occur, fear not! The Kraken will sail on level seas. Aarrrrgh-me Hearties!  [Applicable Pirate reference. ]

Intuitive and precise, each input delivers a predictable response. From opening to landing the JYRO Kraken is a confidence builder.

Your first point of contact leaves you knowing you’ve taken control. Big inputs will produce an immediate response. Flying slow and steady you’ll always feel in control and connected to the canopy.

Stall point
The slow flight characteristics were a very important design factor. You’ll get plenty of warning before she stalls. Slowly let the toggles back out and she will recover to normal flight in an easy and stress free transition.

Rear risers
There’s lots of feel and response – the Kraken has fantastic glide! Milk those rears and disprove the myth that all wingsuiters land off.

Front Risers
F is for fun! Yep, you can dive the Kraken, and she will respond!

The Kraken has designed to be an exceptional wingsuit canopy. This also meant making sure she didn’t feel like a bus. She’s got loads of zip. Fly her nice and slow for those busy landing patterns when you want lots of vertical separation. Or dive her at the ground and drag some turf! There’s plenty of fun to be had!

Recovery Arc
We are are firm believer this canopy should have some dive. The recovery arc is longer than typically experienced with similar 7 cell designs. If you want to have your cake ( a nice sensible wingsuit canopy) and eat it too (swoop the shit out of it), then go go go!

The JYRO Kraken has a wide range of performance, the flare is one of the most important aspects. She wont disapoint. Those nil wind tiptoe landings will feel very natural.

The Kraken packs about 15% smaller than a 9-cell non-crossbraced canopy like Safire 3 or Crossfire 3. This means you can pack at least 1 standard size up in the same container.

The Crossfire 3 and Safire 3 may typically be found in your container manufacturer’s sizing charts (and on our Crossfire 3 / Safire 3 product pages), which you may use as a reference for what size Kraken will fit in your container.

The Kraken’s fit to your container will depend on many other things such as how tight your previous canopy was in the container, packing skills, how old each canopy is, etc., so please take the information above as a general rule of thumb!

Table for reference:

S3/C3   Kraken
169       189
149       169
139       149
129       139
119       129
109       119