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Brand: Aerodyne
Replacement lineset for any sport or tandem main canopy manufactured by Aerodyne. This is a complete lineset made out of Spectra, ZLX, HMA or Dacron. Note Canopy Model, Size and Line type in text box above...
Ex Tax:293.39€
These linesets are built in the Icarus Support Center by factory trained technicians to original factory specifications...
Ex Tax:321.49€
Brand: JYRO
These linesets are built by NZ Aerosports factory...
Ex Tax:321.49€
Replacement Performance Designs Main Parachute Canopy Lineset. Note canopy model and size in text box above along with they size/type of lines in the dropdown menu. Check the list below on what is availble for your canopy. Contact Sky-Shop if you need assistance in determinig the correct line typ..
Ex Tax:346.28€
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