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Main risers

Brand: Sunpath
Sun Path Type 17 Risers - Easy Grip Dive Loops feature a design similar to our popular easy grip control toggles, making them perfect for skydivers of all levels. With bungee sewn internally, these dive loops stay open for maximum performance while easily stowing away during packing. The low-profile..
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Brand: Aerodyne
Choose color and lenght.Standard wide-type risers including main toggles.Only 22" standard length available for Miniforce Risers..
Ex Tax:189.26€
Brand: Sunpath
Featuring Teflon inserts in the housing for the excess cutaway cable prevent a line twist malfunction from becoming more difficult to release. Easy Grip Toggles, which are sewn down in the back to create a loop that is easy to find after deployment...
Ex Tax:227.27€
Infinity main risers include the ring to attach the RSL to the riser on the jumper's right side and a pair of gold toggles. We use type 17, 1" wide webbing for our risers. Choose Jump For The Rose logos on your risers to donate $5 to breast cancer research and help raise awareness!For canopy pilotin..
Ex Tax:263.64€
VSE Infinity Cutaway Handle. Replacement cutaway handle for the Infinity container by Velocity Sports Equipment. ..
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Brand: Aerodyne
Aerodyne TogglesChoose from a pair of toggles for main risers with securing pin or a pair of toggles for reserve risers with velcro...
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Brand: UPT
These replacement UPT risers come in lengths of 19", 21", 23" and 25". RSL ring included for Vector RSL/Skyhook.The Louie Loops are thick front riser dive loops that are assembled through the main canopy links, which results in a true full riser input when using the front risers.Available in both Ty..
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Brand: UPT
UPT TogglesThis is a pair of UPT Toggles.Please specify if you want Trulok Main Toggles or Velcro Reserve Toggles..
Ex Tax:49.59€
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