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Brand: PG
Standard elastic keepers for securing excess leg strap and chest strap material. Available in Black only.Available Sizes: 2" (for legstraps and wide chest straps); 1" (for narrow chest straps). Sold by 5pcs...
Ex Tax:7.44€
Designed to be an easier way of stowing the slider, clean and simple solution for keeping your slider down.Made to fit on Javelin, Vector, Mirage, Icon, Vortex and Dolphin containers. Does not work on Infinity, Racer or Wings containers.Design Features•       &..
Ex Tax:33.06€
Brand: PG
Pocket used on the bottom of the harness/container to store the pilot chute. Has to be installed by a rigger. Measurements: 4" x 9" (10cm x 22.5cm).Color: In Black only...
Ex Tax:25.62€
Brand: Sunpath
Take care of your new rig while you learn to fly your new main. These Carbondura leg pad covers are cut to fit your rig, and include the SP logo on both sides...
Ex Tax:90.08€
Brand: UPT
UPT Chest Strap ExtensionExtension piece for your chest strap to allow you to lean forward farther in the harness for canopy piloting.Only available in black type 8 webbing with stainless steel hardware. ..
Ex Tax:40.50€
Brand: UPT
UPT Ballistic Leg Pad CoversNew UPT leg pad cover designs are available for all of UPT products (Vector 3, Sigma, Vector SE). New leg pad covers are made in Black color and  ballistic material. The size and style will depend on size and style of the rig's leg pads.These covers are tapered to pe..
Ex Tax:102.48€
Brand: UPT
UPT Leg PadsReplacement leg pads. Read about various UPT's leg pad options here: UPT Options Guide**Price may change from the price listed** Due to the fact that UPT will match your existing leg pads based on your serial number, neither they nor we can confirm the price until they look up ..
Ex Tax:110.74€
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