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NAA Parafoil Gold accuracy canopy

NAA Parafoil Gold accuracy canopy
NAA Parafoil Gold accuracy canopy
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The Parafoil is unquestionably the GOLD Standard when it comes to Accuracy Canopies. There are three Parafoil models. Each with features that appeal to the Accuracy Jumper. Each individual Accuracy Jumper has their own preferences as to what they want in their canopy. North American Aerodynamics has learned in the years of building the finest accuracy canopies that one canopy cannot satisfy everyone. 

NAA has three models each giving the jumper something different. 

The Jalbert Parafoil is the original canopy.

The PARAFOIL 2000 offered a different feel and response timing while maintaining the rock solid performance the Parafoil is noted for.

The PARAFOIL GOLD is the newest advancement that maintains the Parafoil performance and offers a slower rate of descent with a slower closing for the smaller 2cm disk.

The Parafoil continues to  be the Gold Standard with NAA's newest model PARAFOIL GOLD

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