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Reserve pilot chutes

Brand: Aerodyne
Aerodyne Reserve Pilot Chute Replacement reserve pilot chute for Aerodyne Icon and NeXgen harness/container.  ..
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Brand: Mirage
Another primary advantage Mirage has over its competitors is our reserve pilot chute design. We do not use an exposed pilot chute due to the limitations these designs impose on pilot chute design. The conical pilot chute springs used in external reserve pilot chute designs are often based on the ..
Ex Tax:197.52€
Brand: Sunpath
Sun Path's unique reserve pilot chute design, allows for a quick reserve deployment as the pilot chute cap is already partially exposed. Stock Pilot Chutes are built with black 1000 denier cordura and black binding tape...
Ex Tax:180.99€
Reserve Pilot Chute for the Infinity rig manufactured by Velocity Sports Equipment...
Ex Tax:230.58€
Replacement reserve pilot chute for the Wings harness/container. This is the spring-loaded reserve pilot chute for all Wings containers. Pilot chute cap and freebag/bridle sold separately...
Ex Tax:126.45€
Wings Reserve Pilot Chute Cap. Replacement reserve pilot chute cap for the Wings harness/container. This is the snap-on cap for the Wings reserve pilot chute...
Ex Tax:60.33€
Brand: UPT
UPT Reserve Pilot Chute for Vector, Sigma and Micro Sigma containers. The UPT reserve pilot chute is used in all Vector, Sigma and Micro Sigma containers.Reserve Pilot Chute - deploys your reserve canopy. This is often purchased with a Reserve Freebag and Bridle in the event of a cutaway...
Ex Tax:197.52€
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