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Other altimeter parts

ARES II replacement battery cover with air filter. Includes replacement screws...
Ex Tax:39.67€
ProTrack or ProDytter replacement battery cover. Includes 2 replacement screws and gold springs...
Ex Tax:8.26€
PROTRACK II replacement battery cover with air filter. Includes replacement screws...
Ex Tax:8.26€
VISO II, OPTIMA II, QUATTRO, SOLO II replacement battery cover & water seal. Includes replacement screw...
Ex Tax:8.26€
This VISO/OPTIMA/SOLO Altimeter Spare Pocket is designed for the VISO II for sewing to jumpsuits, gloves. It can also be used for installing an Optima II or Solo II into helmets (see document in photo section) or any other custom placement you choose. Made of rigid yet flexible polymer, this Spar..
Ex Tax:14.05€
Brand: Hypoxic
Visually signify altitude warnings with this HYPOXIC ultra-bright bendable, Optima and Optima II Audible Altimeter + Visual Warning Port Indicator system. The display is tethered by a flexible, steel, gooseneck that protects the exposed wires from 200+mph speeds. The ultra-bright LED resides on a ci..
Ex Tax:81.82€
Brand: Alti-2
1" Velcro wrist strap for Altimaster Galaxy and Neptune hand mounts. This can also be used on other common hand mount altimeters from Viplo, Larsen & Brusgaard and Parasport Italia. This is a black 1" wide Velcro strap for securing the altimeter on your hand. This strap is to be combined with..
Ex Tax:18.18€
Brand: Alti-2
This Galaxy replacement screw in lens is suitable for the Altimaster Galaxy...
Ex Tax:17.36€
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