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Tandem canopies

Brand: UPT
Available in 3 sizes:Sigma 340 (for use with Micro Sigma);Sigma 370 (for use with Sigma);Sigma 395 (for use with Sigma)...
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Brand: NZ Aerosports
Icarus Tandem: The Professional Choice. Many professionals have trusted the ICARUS Tandem as their best professional tool due in part to: ▪   Smooth openings ▪   Low pressure toggle input ▪   Industrial grade ▪   Proven durability The Icarus Elliptical Tandem canopy is a totally Ze..
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We are proud to introduce our new tandem canopy - The TX2!Dropzone owners and tandem instructors are agreeing that the TX2 is the best possible tool for any tandem operation. Years of testing and innovation have been assembled in this completely new TX2 design that will be the top choice for instruc..
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Brand: Aerodyne
The A2 was designed to be the workhorse of your tandem operation. 

It is the tandem canopy you have been looking for but could never find, until now. The A2 is an elliptical 9-cell canopy, built completely from ZP fabric to maintain consistent performance. Its airfoil and moderate planform facto..
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A new Generation Tandem Parachute. In just five years, the HOP 330 is quickly gaining world renown as a canopy which always provides soft openings and great landings. A canopy which is exciting, reliable, comfortable, long lasting, economical, and ‘gets you home’ – even from a bad spot.   ..
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This dynamic new reserve canopy is the product of multiple years of extensive test jumping, drop tests, and refinement. This canopy has met or exceeded our goals throughout the development in terms of performance and reliability, and we are proud to be able to equip the tandem skydiving market with ..
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Brand: MarS
Reserve parachutes WP are used for sports parachute rigs. Seven - chanels construction makes it possible to fly safely after opening canopy and landing very soft. The canopies used the microline carrying lines  - strength 745 lbs, steering lines - 1000 lbs. Permeability of 0-3 cfm. All canopies..
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