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Aerodyne Icon Student

Aerodyne Icon Student
Aerodyne Icon Student
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Standard RSL, Standard Riser Deflectors, Hip rings, SS hardware, Adjustable Harness, laterals, Tuck tab riser covers, Fabric Arrow on center flap, Ballistic Cordura.

The ICON Student was designed with the DZ operator, the Instructional Staff and most importantly the student in mind. The student training environment has become more diverse, and the demands placed upon student equipment has become greater. DZ operators need a single harness and container platform that can be configured to meet the needs of their operations, whether it be Static line, IAD, AFF or Solo freefall. The Student ICON can meet these needs.

 Students jumpers are more informed and are more concerned with safety and comfort than ever. We built the Student ICON to be reliable, durable, and comfortable with great safety features. We also built it to make the experience of the first jumps safe and enjoyable.

The ICON Student not only provides you with a comfortable, reliable and, durable container, it also incorporates our anti-snag tuck tabs, used for pin protection, a built in, replaceable pin window, bridles are fully covered, risers are fully covered and guided into the main container with special riser ramp panels to aid in ensuring risers and lines are not snagged on the reserve container during uncontrolled attitude deployments. The harness is FULLY adjustable on the main lift web as well as the laterals.

Standard with any Icon container is the miniforce™ 3-ring system. The elongated middle ring makes it easier to cut away, due to the improved lever effect. This system reduces the pull force required to cut away by up to 35% compared to other traditional mini 3-ring systems.

Aerodyne offers a full line of student canopies as well as larger reserves making a complete systems purchase possible.