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Brand: Peeksteep
The most wanted goggles for students, tandem passengers and wind tunnel first time flyers.QUALITYHighest quality raw materialsTruly “crystal clear” superior vision (no hazy blueness, no fish-eye effects, no distortion)Scratch resistant, robust, long lastingUV blockingCOMFORTSoft and flexib..
Ex Tax:11.57€
Durable, scratch and crack resistant, pliable, and form-fitting. These goggles are extremely comfortable. Available Lens Colors: Clear, Tinted, Red, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Pink Also available in Clear Over-the-Glasses (OTG) model...
Ex Tax:15.70€
The beauty in these goggles is their simplicity! Designed to be compact with a low profile, these goggles are long lasting and scratch resistant. They can be collapsed after use for easy storage. And the protective material is available in a variety of colors. Flexvision goggles are easy to ad..
Ex Tax:13.22€
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