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Cables, stiffeners and sleeves

Sold by the yard. 1/8" diameter cable. It is 1/16", 7 x 7 galvanized stiff cable with black coating, making it 1/8" diameter.  Shipping Weight: 3 oz./yd. ..
Ex Tax:3.12€
Brand: Aerodyne
Used with yellow three ring release cable or  with black coated cable...
Ex Tax:0.83€
Brand: Airtec
Fastens the loop securely - even under great pulling force.Even under the greatest pulling force of the loop the CYPRES Disk shows what it can handle, as it provides you with the most reliable connection and an unwavering position of the loop. The smooth edges avoid any potential damage of the loop ..
Ex Tax:3.31€
Used to seal safety-tie threads. Sold in packs of 100...
Ex Tax:13.40€
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