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Tonfly 3X Skydiving Camera Helmet

Tonfly 3X Skydiving Camera Helmet
Tonfly 3X Skydiving Camera Helmet
Tonfly 3X Skydiving Camera Helmet
Tonfly 3X Skydiving Camera Helmet
Tonfly 3X Skydiving Camera Helmet
Tonfly 3X Skydiving Camera Helmet
Tonfly 3X Skydiving Camera Helmet
Tonfly 3X Skydiving Camera Helmet
Tonfly 3X Skydiving Camera Helmet
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  • Brand: Tonfly
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Available Options

You can use Tonfly configurator program to design your perfect helmet. To do that click HERE

Custom Tonfly 3X Skydiving Camera Helmet.

This is Tonfly's most technologically-advanced skydiving camera helmet! The 3X helmet is unique in its choice of materials, functionality and design.

Thanks to the versatility of the sliding top, you can change camera angle degree by moving and locking down the top to the desired angle. The 3X is designed to shoot any type of flight, from close Freefly and Head Down shots to WingSuit flying.

Innovative features include:

▪   Helmet in carbon fiber technology at only 740 grams

▪   One piece chincup with tunnel for hard or soft ratchet straps

▪   Chincup angle adjustment system locks in desired angle

▪   Built with a carbon fiber top sliding cover for changing the angle upto 15 degrees

▪   Optional addition of TF PRO Mount quick connection system that can be fitted into top cover

▪   Top cover designed for the HypEye D Pro where the passage of cables are almost exclusively internal

▪   Available with or without external audible ports

▪   Optional external audible port fits Optima, Solo and Quattro audible altimeters from Larsen & Brusgaard

▪   Internal audible pockets fit all L&B audibles and the most popular audibles

▪   Thermoforming inside helmet liner for a perfect fit and comfort of your head

▪   The back liner closes perfectly around your neck

The 3X is the safer, more secure way to skydive with a GoPro-mounted helmet. The optional GoPro Flat Mount is snag-resistant and designed exclusively for skydiving. The mount allows for adjustment of the camera angle and opening of the GoPro's housing while still mounted to the helmet. 

The optional GoPro L Bracket mounts enable the option of mounting a GoPro on the forehead and another camera on top.

The optional TF Pro Mount is the newest and most technologically-advanced attachment that can be integrated into Tonfly helmets as a quick connection and disconnection of any photo/video device.  It is an optional attachment system mounted on any flat spot of TonFly Helmets. Made in coated aluminium, the TF Pro Mount is exceptionally lightweight, precise and easy to use. Insertion and removal of the insert is completed by pulling the string and sliding the insert up or down.

For a perfect fit, the thermoformed linings come already configured with internal channels to fit any accessory cables. The thickness of linings is about 8mm. This means that there is only 11mm between the external helmet shell and your head.

Available colors for all Tonfly helmets, in Matte or Gloss, include:

▪   Light Grey (RAL 7001)

▪   Dark Grey (RAL 7011)

▪   Antracite (RAL 7016)

▪   Black

▪   Bright Yellow (RAL 1016)

▪   Sunflower (RAL 1023)

▪   Orange (RAL 2004)

▪   Red (RAL 3020)

▪   Burgundy (RAL 4004)

▪   Fuchsia (RAL 4010)

▪   Purple (RAL 4008)

▪   Lavender (RAL 4005)

▪   Blue Gray (RAL 5014)

▪   Sky Blue (RAL 5015)

▪   Royal Blue (RAL 5017)

▪   Navy Blue (RAL 5003)

▪   Forest Green (RAL 6005)

▪   Turquoise (RAL 5021)

▪   Aqua (RAL 6034)

▪   Lime Green (RAL 6018)

▪   Mint Green (RAL 6029)

▪   Army Green (RAL 6020)

▪   Brown (RAL 8014)

▪   Silver (RAL 9006)

▪   Metal Beige (RAL 1035)

▪   Metal Gold (RAL 1036)

▪   Metal Red (RAL 3032)

▪   Metal Violet (RAL 4011)

▪   Metal Gentian (RAL 5025)

▪   White (Gloss Only)

Sizes (measure your head with soft tape measure in cm as shown in last product photo above):

▪   XS(53cm)

▪   Small (54-55cm)

▪   Medium (56-57cm)

▪   Large (58-59cm)

▪   XL (60-61cm)

▪   2XL (62-63cm)

Note: Base price helmet comes with 3X Tonfly helmet with solid top cover (no mount), chincup (without cutaway), internal audible pockets and helmet bag. All mounts and additional options can be selected above.