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Aerodyne Smart LPV Reserve Parachute Canopy

Aerodyne Smart LPV Reserve Parachute Canopy
Aerodyne Smart LPV Reserve Parachute Canopy
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Aerodyne Smart LPV Reserve Parachute Canopy.

Aerodyne is proud to welcome 2015 with the introduction of our the new low pack volume reserve, the Smart LPV.

With the Smart LPV, Aerodyne Labs has created a very different solution to the challenge of how to fit more canopy into a smaller area. Aerodyne chose to stick with its existing tried and true canopy design, and focus their efforts on improving the properties of the fabric to achieve the results. Aerodyne set themselves some pretty tough goals for this project:

▪   The fabric had to maintain all its strength and structural integrity. It could not be weaker or stretchier than existing F111 fabric.

▪   The fabric needed to perform better on properties such as how flat it lays and how easily it is handled and folded.

▪   The fabric needed to show significant reductions in the pack volume of finished Smart reserves, at least one size larger canopy into an existing rig.

▪   The finished reserves must of course pass all of the high speed drop tests as required by FAA TSO 123D and European ETSO-C23d..

▪   The flight characteristics of the SmartLPV had to mirror those of the Smart reserve. This modern canopy plan form with quick soft openings, and predictable performance has made the Smart one of the best selling reserves in the market. 

In attacking this project Aerodyne worked closely for over a year with one of the most technically advance fabric mills in the world. They focused their efforts on how the fabric was woven and finished and went through many itterations before they found the optimal solution. There were many batches of material, many tests performed, and investments were required into equipment that could give Aerodyne the right performance parameters every time.


Aerodyne is really proud to report that wtheyve done it. With the new fabric FX11, Aerodyne has created an amazing material. It met all their goals and then some. The new reserves are fabulous. They sailed through the strength testing, and every rigger who has touched one has been impressed. Riggers report that the “hand” or feel of the fabric is exceptional. It seems to be less prone to stress warping and snagging than thinner filament fabric that other manufacturers have gone to in search of lower pack volumes.


Aerodyne has launched the new Smart LPV with FX11. And you'll enjoy this at a substantial cost savings compared to the other low pack volume canopies on the market.

The Smart LPV is certified under the US FAA TSO-C23d and the European ETSO-C23d.

Available in sizes of 99, 110, 120, 135, 150, 160, 175, 190, 220 and 250. Stock canopy list link below. The LPV canopies start with a Serial Number of LPV.

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