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Aerodyne Solo student canopy

Aerodyne Solo student canopy
Aerodyne Solo student canopy
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When it's time for your students to fly solo...

this is the canopy.


It is all about confidence and reliability. Whether you are a drop zone owner or a first jump student, the last thing you need to be concerned with is your equipment. The Solo student canopy can give you that confidence. Strong where it needs to be, forgiving when it has to be, the Solo provides all of the characteristics needed for successful student training.

The Solo is durable, with extra reinforcement, while being easy to pack. Its opening flight and landing characteristics have been tailored to allow you to teach your students proper modern piloting techniques. This has become vitally important in today’s world of high performance canopies. We have even considered the difficult transition path from student to novice and beyond. As the student becomes more experienced and is prepared to downsize, the Solo’s design allows for a natural transition to our Pilot canopy. This allows the novice canopy pilot an easy and straightforward transition from student equipment to their own, without the need to “re-learn” the canopy’s characteristics. This provides a much safer and more enjoyable transition, with continued learning.

We have even built in visual cues to allow for easier PRO packing training. By utilizing color-coded line attachments, the student learns proper packing techniques in much less time and with greater confidence. 

Exciting features:

•    Comes standard with 525 lbs. DACRON lines, soft links and a slider with “super lightweight” stainless steel grommets.

•    Color coded line attachments for easier PRO packing instruction and learning

•    Made completely from ZP fabric to maintain consistent performance.

•    Extra reinforcement is provided in areas prone to student damage, resulting in less “down time”

•    Moderate “planform factor” for predictable response and handling

•    Handling characteristics tuned to provide a smooth transition as the student prepares to downsize.


Available sizes: 190, 210, 230, 250, 270 and 290 sq ft.