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MarS Reserve WP canopy

MarS Reserve WP canopy
MarS Reserve WP canopy
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Reserve parachutes WP are used for sports parachute rigs. Seven - chanels construction makes it possible to fly safely after opening canopy and landing very soft. The canopies used the microline carrying lines  - strength 745 lbs, steering lines - 1000 lbs. Permeability of 0-3 cfm.
All canopies meet requirements in accordance with TSO C 23d standard.


Reserve parachutes WP

Canopy type
Max. load
Cubic size
Max. speed
WP 110112190/864,6/2,14070/248278
WP 130132220/1005,2/2,34810/293278
WP 150150255/1165,6/2,55550/339278
WP 175175255/1166,45/2,96290/384278
WP 210210277/1267,81/3?57770/474278
WP 260260308/1409,21/4,29250/564278
WP 370370500/22713,45/6,114027/856324


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