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Tonfly TFX Helmet

Tonfly TFX Helmet
Tonfly TFX Helmet
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  • Brand: Tonfly
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You can use Tonfly configurator program to design your helmet. You can do that by clicking here: Tonfly TFX Configurator

TFX is the first Full Face Helmet made by Tonfly, as a result of intense Research and Development.

It is conceived to have the tightest fit and stability possible even at very high speeds.

The single body Carbon Fiber-Aramid composite shell ensures a lighter weight and a better protection against significant impacts and penetration, as well as a longer lifespan and it is not subject to degradation due to atmospheric agents and sudden temperature changes.

The helmet has been tested and inspected for:

  • Construction
  • Shock absorption capacity
  • Determination of field vision
  • Penetration test
  • Retention system performance


  • -20°C Cold Conditioning
  • +50°C Hot Conditioning
  • UV Artificial ageing
  • H2O Artificial ageing

The helmet has been Crash Rated for:

  • AFNOR XP S 72-600 Helmets for Skydiving and Windtunnel
  • EN966: 2012 + A1: 2012, category HPG for AIRBORNE SPORTS

The choice of a modular helmet

TFX is conceived to have a tight fit that protects until the base of the head and covers all around the neck; it is also engineered to ensure the highest safety standards of the user in any condition and to face unfortunate events: the chin bar can be easily raised with only one hand, in case of a trauma or an accident. This allows the injured to communicate and breathe freely while waiting for rescue, and the helmet itself can be quickly removed without risking any additional body damage.

The Flip chin eases the everyday activity and usage, it is easier to communicate while in the plane or during debriefs between tunnel sessions.


We simply wanted a small, protective helmet, made out of the highest quality materials.

The right fit for your helmet

The correct fit of the helmet plays a key role not only on the comfort side, but in safety - a well fitted helmet ensures a better protection against impact.

The choice of the right shell and the helmet size is determined by the combination of the head circumference and the face circumference.

Tonfly offers 3 shells and various padding combinations to cover all the sizes, as shown in the sizing chart below:

TFX Scratch Protection Kit

TFX Scratch Protection kit is the easy solution to protect your TFX helmet from accidental damage due to normal use or the wind tunnel net.

TFX helmet bag

TFX helmet bag protects your helmet from hot/cold and from accidental damages.

The bottom pocket can accomodate accessories such as GoPro, gloves, altimeter, visor cloth etc.


  • Fabric - Cordura 500 waterproof
  • Lining - Velvet + MTP
  • Zippers - Ykk waterproof
  • Thread - Madeira
  • Weight - 320 g


Available sizes:

  • Shell 0 - S
  • Shell 1 - M
  • Shell 2 - L

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