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Military Cypres2 AAD

Military Cypres2 AAD
Military Cypres2 AAD
Military Cypres2 AAD
Military Cypres2 AAD
Military Cypres2 AAD
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The Military CYPRES 2 family is the next generation of the Military CYPRES line of parachute AADs (Automatic Activation Devices), combining tried and true quality, reliability, and core technology with an advanced hardware platform.

Enhancements include:

  • Water-resistant for 15 minutes at a depth of 4.5 m (15 ft.) (fresh or salt-water)
  • Maintenance-free power supply – no need for user record keeping, purchase, or replacement
  • Device serial number and maintenance due date accessible from the external display – automatic reminder of next maintenance
  • Robust, reinforced case – small size, light weight
  • Flexible maintenance schedule (+/- 6 months) from month of manufacture

Parameters proven by more than 12 years experience in 42 Countries remain the same with Military CYPRES 2:

  • Adapted to all military operational requirements and tactical applications, as well as training scenarios
  • Simple, 1-button user interface
  • Fast (10 second) self-test: complete functional test with good-to-go indication- performed during switch-on and setting
  • Automatic switch-off after 14 hours
  • Low maintenance cost and down-time
  • U.S. And Europe based Service and Support Centers
  • Training seminars/classes, PC-based training tools, web-based information is available
  • Setting tools: Circular calculator, PC-based, web-based, PDA-based

Dual operating modes take into account all the different needs and applications required by Military users:

  1. Training mode is ideal for use on the local dropzone. While in Training mode, Military CYPRES 2 works with the simplicity – set it and forget it
    • No calibration necessary
    • Automatic weather adjustment without user interaction
  2. Tactical applications and remote jumps: the Military CYPRES is used in ‘Operational’ mode, so that all requirements of ‘Training’ mode are overcome.  Any activation altitude can be programmed, while on the ground, or in-flight – even in a pressurized cabin.
    • Adaptive activation velocity (increases with altitude, based on terminal velocity)


Model 1000/35 A CYPRES 1500/35 A  CYPRES 1900/35 A  CYPRES 2500/29 A  CYPRES
Activation altitude 305 m  (1000 ft.)  approx. 457 m  (1500 ft.)  approx. 579 m  (1900 ft.)  approx. 762 m  (2500 ft.)  approx.
Activation speed 125 km/h  (78 mph)  at sea level approx. 125 km/h  (78 mph)  at sea level approx. 125 km/h  (78 mph)  at sea level approx. 105 km/h  (65 mph)  at sea level appro
Processing unit size 85 x 43 x 32 mm  (3.33 x 2.66 x 1.25 in.)  approximate
Control unit size 65 x 18 x 6.5 mm  (2.5 x .75 x .25 in.)  approximate
Release unit size 43 x 8 mm  (1.62 x .38 in.) approximate
Cable length of the control unit 1200 mm  (47.24 in. ) approximate
Cable length of the release unit 500 mm  (19.69 in.) approximate
Volume 150 cm3  (9.15 cubic in.)
Weight 210 grams  (7.44 ounces)
Storing temperature +71° to -50° C   (+160° to -58° F)
Storing pressure 5.906 to 31.745 In.Hg  (200 to 1075 hPa)
Working temperature +63° to -32° C  (+145° to -25° F) *
Maximum allowable humidity Up to 99.9 % relative humidity
Waterproof Up to 15 minutes down to a depth of 4.5 m  (15 ft.)
Altitude adjustment range 5.906 to 31.745 In.Hg  (200 to 1075 hPa)
Operating range above sea level 487 m to 19,812 m  (-1600 ft. to +65,500 ft.)
Functioning period 14 hours  (Automatic switch-off)
Power supply Lifetime warranty **
Maintenance 4 and 8 years from date of manufacture
Total lifetime 12 years from date of manufacture ***

*These temperature limits do not mean the outside (ambient) temperatures but rather temperatures inside the processing unit. Therefore, these limits won’t have any meaning until the processing unit itself has reached the temperatures in question. In fact, these limits will rarely be reached due to the mandatory location of the CYPRES in the reserve container, and the insulating properties of the processing unit pouch and parachute canopies.

**If required maintenance has been peformed.

***Anticipated, according to the present knowledge base.